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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Question: What do Lawn Care Service do during the Winter?

During the winter, businesses (Except coffee and tea shops) do what is required and that is downsize. However, I think most small scale lawn care companies would thrive during the winter without shedding much. For big lawn service companies, surviving the low income period such as winter could mean shedding some skins (Laying off some staff)


Surviving could mean taking up some snow removal jobs which helps them earn enough to keep the team running.



Shedding some skins would be dangerous anyways as many of these laid off staff could venture into entrepreneurship which leave scarcity of labor hands when season comes again.

Importance of lawn care


Well, as a company that doesn’t thrive during the winter season, the best could be  taking up jobs like Cleaning out snows for a fee, selling firewood, building your contact list which must be fired up with newsletters once lawn care season starts again.


Lets not forget there are countries where snow doesn’t really come out with much effect. If you find yourself in these cities, then have no fear cos your job remains strong and valid as the people would love to keep seeing those beautiful lawns you take care of.


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