How Much is a Tiler Paid in Nigeria?

Monday, 2 September 2019

How Much is a Tiler Paid in Nigeria?

Been getting search signals from Bing on the Question "How Much is a Tiler paid in Nigeria" so I wanna write a little stuff about it.

The beat way to pay a tiler is to award him the full contract. Allow him cost the entire project and tell you his workmanship.

Some smart tiler will multiply the total number of square meters by N400 since that's what a tiler is paid to cover 1 square metre.

But when you award him the full contract, you'll gain more.

For instance, let's say a room of 3.6m x 3.2 making a total of 11.52 square meters.
Well, but hey!

Ensure you hire a good tiler!

How Much is a Tiler paid in Nigeria?

Depending on location, the price per square metre ranges from N350 - N420.

That covers the payment for the tiler and his helper.


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