Estimated Cost Of Building A Standard 3 Bedroom Bungalow In Nigeria

Monday, 2 October 2017

Estimated Cost Of Building A Standard 3 Bedroom Bungalow In Nigeria

what is the cost of building  bungalow in nigeria

Today on Guardianconstructions,i Will once again write on the Estimated cost of erecting a 3 bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria. as i have said, this is only an estimate. You are also to bear in mind that this estimate was made in January 2017 and as a result, a few changes may have occurred in terms of price.

What are the Specs Of 3 Bedroom Flat In Nigeria?

For a 3 bedroom bungalow, here are the few elements and their dimensions

3 Bedrooms of 3600mm x 3600mm
3 Toilets
1 kitchen
1 store (Optional)
1 Dinning
1 Living Room

What is the Amount On Foundation?

Setting out = N20,000
Excavation = 40,000
Foundation Footings = N60,000
Foundation Wall = N200,000
German Concrete = N400,000
Total Cost For Foundation = N820,000 (It May not be upto this in some location please)

Next Stage Is Super Structure

Block work (3m High) = N700,000 (If You are Buying Blocks)
Lintel/Head course/concrete facial = N300,000
Total Cost For super Structure = N1,000,000

Next Stage Is Roofing
Roof Truss = N400,000 (Includes workmanship)
Roofing Sheets= N200,000 (Long Span Roofing sheet)
Ceiling = N190,000 (PVC Ceiling - I prefer the normal asbestos ceiling though)
Total cost for Roofing 3 Bedroom Bungalow= N790,000

Finishing is the next stage after Roofing

Rendering (Plastering) = N400,000
Floor Tiles = N250,000
Painting = N250,000
Windows =250,000 (Could be less and should include workmanship)
Doors = N250,000

Total cost of Finishing For 3 bedroom Bungalow = 1.4 Million Naira.

Adding Up all cost, we can see that the cost of building a 3 bedroom bungalow is 4 Million Naira.

Note: This is only an estimate and was made at a time when cost of materials was a bit high, it therefore requires that you make your own investigation but have at least 4 Million Naira in your account or have a means of getting it if you really want to build a 3 bedroom bungalow in Nigeria.


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  2. Is this for real? It is hope given

    1. Its supposed to give an idea my dear. Not really the actual cost cos the actual cost may vary depending on site location and current cost of materials

  3. You did not include costs for plumbing, electrical, and soakaway.

    1. Well, I know that Sir, this is just a rough estimate as you can see.

  4. The Rough-Estimates Is Really Hope Giving,Thanks For The Information.

  5. How much can really build 3 bedrooms

  6. Don't be fooled,10 million naira is more like it to build such house in nigeria today,excluding purchase of land

    1. You are damn right mr/miss/mrs anonymous.

  7. This Was Really Hopeful And Helpful.Thanks Alot.

  8. This Was Really Hopeful And Helpful.Thanks Alot.

  9. Can you please give me rough estimate of roofing 4 bedroom flat of 300MSQ with step tile roofing sheet.

  10. So helpful. Idea is needed. It doesn't have to be absolutely right. Thanks a lot.

    1. Thanks for this wonderful comment dear, it means a lot to me

  11. Cost of electricity and plumbers should be in finishing

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  13. How much could be the current rate now in 2020