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Costing: What Would It Cost To Build A 2Bedroom Flat In Nigeria

Today on Building Contractor secrets, i am going to write on The Cost Of Building a 2 bedroom apartment/flat in Nigeria. I feel this is going to be very important for you if you are someone living abroad but needs a home built for you back in Nigeria.

Learning about the cost of Building a 2 bedroom flat in Nigeria will also enable you as a contractor, make a quick estimate for your client. This tutorial on the cost of building a 2 bedroom flat/apartment in Nigeria will also help you as a client have an edge over your contractor. You will know the number of blocks needed to completely build your home, the cost of window sliding, the cost of roofing and the number of trips of sand that will be required.

This Post has been made based on the rates and price of building materials in 2017

I will list all the materials needed from the foundation to finishing, including soakaway anf labor.

Items needed to Build 2 Bedroom Flat In Nigeria

1. 2,000 6 inches hollow Blocks @130/block  =                        260,000  
2. 110 bags of cement @2750 =                                               302,500
3. 15 tons of granite @42,000 =                                               126,000
4. Sand for mortar =                                                                  35,000
5. Sand for Rendering (Plastering) =                                          30,000
6. 7 Trucks Of Laterites (For Filling) =                                      70,000
7. Rod 20lng =                                                                         36,000
8. Plank 25lgn =                                                                       30,000
9. Roofing and lab =                                                               400,000
10. Windows sliding, and lab =                                                 85,000
11. P V C, and lab =                                                                 85,000
12. Doors, and lab =                                                               160,000
13. Tiles all and labour =                                                        190,000
14. Sanitary And Labour =                                                      115,000
15. Wiring and lab =                                                               190,000
16. Labour for carpentry, mason, iron bending, labourer, =       390,000
17. Burglary, =                                                                         95,000
18. Soakaway, =                                                                      155,000
19. Cost Of Supervision To be determined by the contractor
Grand Total                                                             N2,754,000 +                                                                                                 10% miscellaneous  
Having Seen these, I would then say that the cost to build a standard 2 Bedroom Apartment/Flat Built  in Nigeria is 3,029,400 (Three Million, Twenty Nine Thousand, four hundred Naira Only)

Please Note that as at the time of this compilation, the price of things were very high as a result of the hike in exchange rate.

Also Note that this is just an estimate as the price of items varies with location. 

Please Also note that this post was made with the assumption that the land has been bought and ready for construction.

However, If You Have Not Bought Your Piece Of Land, Kindly Click Here to learn how to get a genuine plot of land in Warri, Delta State

As a Client or a landlord to be, you’ll be saving yourself some cost if you could actually go for a market survey before embarking on the construction proper.

If You’re going to make an estimate, take a few hours to do your own market survey in order to determine the current price of materials so you do not have a deficit budget.

So This is The post on the total cost of building a standard 2 bedroom apartment In Nigeria and it was made in the year 2017.

MrPinner 2017

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Nwachukwu Richard
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  1. Roofing and labour can never be #400,000, its very very low you're wrong on that. The wood for the roofing alone will take that #400,000 what about the roofing sheets?

  2. It was a great estimate my brother but that is very much in some area most expecially south west no client will accept that quotation from and contractor just 2 bedroom bungalow at 3,029 000,000.


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