Requirements To Build Your Own Filling Station In Nigeria

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Today On Building Contractor Secrets, i am going to share with you the necessary guidelines that would help you gain approval to operate a Petroleum Products Filling Station In Nigeria, West Africa.

I am Doing this for the sake of those that’s spent a great part of their lives overseas but would want to come back to the country and make one huge investment of a lifetime. This would enable you as a person living in Nigeria, know the necessary steps to take in order to obtain a permit to build your own petroleum filling station.

Firstly, i must not fail to make you understand the meaning of what we are talking about here…

What is a filling station?

According to Wikipedia’s definition, A filling station is a facility that sells fuel and engine lubricants for motor vehicles.

Having known the definition of a petrol filling station, i would now like to tell you that it is a facility where petroleum products like Petrol (PMS), Kerosene, Diesel and other lubricants are sold to the final consumers who may not have the amount to buy from the refineries.

Now On This post, i have made it possible for you to view or download the guideline as released or compiled by the Department Of Petroleum Resources (DPR)

How Do I Get DPR Permit To Construct A Filling Station?


As Always, I will always be giving you the best suggestions. So This is your free guideline to obtaining a license to build your own petrol filling station and begin to enjoy the oil money too.

Please feel free to share with others and make it easy for them to get the information they’ll need to get theirs built too

Written by Nwachukwu Richard

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