All You Need To Know About Concrete Mix Design

Today On Building Contractor secrets, i will be teaching us Design Of Concrete.

On This Post, You will be learning the importance Or Advantages of Concrete Mix design, You will understand the Requirements of concrete on its Plastic and solid states

Importance Of Concrete Mix Design 

1. Design of concrete is important for you as a practicing civil engineer because it is highly economical as it helps you proportion your ingredients for a better strength and durability.

2. Design mix is the same as nominal design, the difference here is that Nominal Concrete Mix leads to the use of a higher amount of Cement for the same concrete grade you’ll achieve when you use the Concrete Design method.

3. Another reason why You Need to understand the concrete mix method is that products of concrete mix will be considered for their strength with the help of compressive strength test on concrete cubes and cylinders.

4. Aside from the above mentioned benefits, Concrete mix design proves to provide a better quality but does so in the best economical way.

Advantages Of Concrete Mix Design

1. Ensures the desired Concrete Properties are maintained

2. Makes Best Use Of Available Materials
3. Gives You Best Concrete that is of the right quality.

What Properties are required from a hardened Concrete?

1. Durability
2. Strength
3. Imperviousness

What Properties Are Desired From Concrete When at the Plastic/Moist State?

1. It must be highly workable (Workability)
2. It Must Be Cohesive
3. Initial Set retardation

On My Next Post, I will Be Calculating Batch Quantities For a Concrete slab

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