Building Contractor Secrets: April 2021

Saturday, 24 April 2021

3 Ways to Increase Your Warehouse Efficiency

3 ways to increase warehouse Efficiency

Is your industrial organization ready to take that next all-important leap forward in its development? If so, it’s imperative that you go above and beyond to increase your warehouse efficiency. Once you improve the productivity levels found on your factory floor, you will have the capacity to produce more work at a much quicker pace. This will positively impact the number of consumers that you attract, which will enhance both your brand image and your profit turnover going forward. Lets see 3 effective ways to increase your warehouse Efficiency!

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Sunday, 18 April 2021

How to Buy JAMB 2021 e-Pin With Paga

Annually in Nigeria, the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) has made it mandatory for that students seeking for admission into any tertiary institution must enroll in the entrance examination which is supervised by Jamb. 

Have you ever heard about paga? I know 90% of students planning for might have jamb season is upon us & in keeping with the times, the steps on how to pay for your PIN via Paga online channel which is now digitally driven.

Scroll down to learn more about the steps to enable you pay for JAMB ePin using Paga payment platform today! 

How to pay for JAMB 2021 e-Pin via Paga

Remember we wrote another content a few days ago where we discussed how to pay for JAMB ePin using quickteller

Step 1

Make sure you have already obtained your NIN as a candidate before you commence with this task as directed by Jamb.

Step 2

Any cellphone used in sending the NIN to 55019 is meant to for just a single candidate and this will be used to get more data related to his or her 2021 examination or application

Step 3

Open your text message box and type in the word "NIN" give a space and then include your eleven (11) digits National Identity Number.

For example:

[NIN 26288363839]

Please note that there must be a space between the NIN and your 11 digits NIN

Step 4

Now after sending this message to 55019 wait a little while. You are going to receive a text message on your phone which includes:

·     Your 10 unique digits profile code

·     Your correct registered name with NIMC


Step 5

Now to proceed to the final step you need to present your profile code at the point of procurement on either the paga app, website or any agent close to you. After performing this task, a JAMB ePin will be sent as text message to you on your mobile device

How to pay for JAMB 2021 e-Pin via Paga

Step 6

Finally all you need to do is to visit any accredited Jamb CBT center for you registration using the ePin generated.

Jamb E-pin not received?

Paga is a popular mobile payment platform in Nigeria created to help assist in transfer of money electronically which include making of payment from our mobile phones

Some times after going through the stress of making this payment online and you didn't get your e-pin, frustrated right? relax and don’t bother or worry yourself. You can easily contact paga and they will get it rectified without delay!

Encountered any challenges? Email or call 0700-000-7242 for prompt assistance.


How to get 2021 Direct Entry JAMB ePins via Paga


Direct Entry JAMB form is meant those who already possess a diploma certificate, NCE, ND, IJMB, JUPEB or NABTEB and still intend to further their studies for a degree program at the University of their Choice.

The 2021 Direct Entry JAMB has two procedures of applying which is;

Direct Entry Application by Upgrading

Fresh Direct Entry Application


Procedures for the Direct Entry Application by Upgrading

This upgrading comes in when you already registered for ND and would like to get the Direct Entry form in the same year. Meaning you have to upgrade from UTME to DE


Procedures for Fresh Direct Entry Application


Step 1

First you need to send NIN space with your eleven (11) digit NIN through SMS using the unique number to 55019 (example NIN 728894972938)

Note: You will be charged N50 for this Process


Step 2

Then you will be issued a Profile code as a confirmation code. Use the profile code to buy your Direct Entry Form/PIN on Paga app, website or any agent close to you

How to pay for JAMB 2021 e-Pin via Paga

Step 3

When you are done with the purchase you can visit any CBT center for complete registration and biometrics

Note: Make sure you visit the center with your SSCE result and your higher qualification result for scanning and uploading


How to recover lost Profile Code before Payment

You might be wondering if a misplaced profile code can be retrieved. Well the answer is yes. Now the answer is that you can retrieve your lost profile using your mobile phone.

How to pay for JAMB 2021 e-Pin via Paga

If you lost your profile during or after the registration be rest assured that you can recover your lost profile code with stressing yourself. All you need to do is to carefully follow the below procedures:

Step 1

To retrieve a lost profile code [RESEND] to 55019 as a text message from the same cell phone you used during registration.


Step 2

Now the profile code would then be retrieved and delivered on your registered phone number.


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Thursday, 15 April 2021

How to get and pay the JAMB 2021 e-Pin via Quickteller

Quickteller is a Nigerian online payment system that allows easy payment from your comfort and also it is a robust consumer services platform that enables easy and fast Airtime Recharge, Funds Transfer, Bill Payments services.

Pay JAMB ePin with Quickteller

Do you know anyone interested in registering for the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) examination this year 2021?

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board had earlier this week in a news conference said they are yet to release date for the enrollment of candidates for the
2021 Jamb examination. With Quickteller, there’s no more staying in long queues or traveling far to buy JAMB ePIN. Simply follow the steps in the thread below or you can also visit the nearest Quickteller Paypoint agent to pay.

Please inform them that they can get their Jamb e-PiN on Quickteller without stress. Quickteller is authorized to make the JAMB registration process super easy.

Now how would you feel if you sit at home and make this purchase without stressing yourself standing on queuing up and end up not making your payment?


Below is a quick guide Candidates should follow to enable you buy the JAMB e-PIN with five easy steps on Quickteller.

Pay JAMB ePin with Quickteller

How to get 2021 JAMB Form ePins via Quickteller

Step 1

SMS ‘NIN’, space, & your 11 digit NIN number to 55019 e.g [NIN 00123456789].

SMS Method is the best way to create a Jamb Profile. To Create Jamb Profile for
2021 UTME & Direct Entry Registration, Text NIN to 55019. A confirmation code of 10 characters will be received by the candidate on the same telephone number which will be used to procure the ePIN

Step 2

You’ll receive an SMS with your 10-digit profile code & your registered NIN name.

Step 3

Visit the JAMB website, click purchase of 2021 application document, and enter your 10-digit PC

Step 4

Select ‘Pay Online’ to pay on the website via Interswitch or visit to pay with Quickteller.

Step 5

Your e-PIN will be delivered to your registered telephone number.

What is Jamb e-PIN

JAMB e-pin is an eleven digit number that is assigned to every candidate interested in the Nigerian entrance examination design by Jamb for tertiary-level institutions. With the JAMB e-pin, all the interested candidates will not waste any time in the registration centers.

How to get 2021 Direct Entry – JAMB ePins

For a s many that are interested in this year's Direct Entry, then you can successfully get your original JAMB e-pins for Registration by following the below steps:

Step 1

As a candidate you must register on the JAMB Portal by sending your Surname, First Name and other names by text message from the mobile phone number that would be unique to 55019.

Step 2

Just after sending candidate receives a confirmation code.

Step 3

Then the candidate is expected to visits Quickteller website or use the Quickteller app Downloaded from Google play store or Apple Store

Step 4

Then He/She is expected to Click ‘Buy JAMB form’, selects ‘Sale of JAMB/UTME Registration Forms’.

Step 5

Now Select Sales of "JAMB/DE Registration Forms" in the ‘Name of Service/Purpose” colum

Step 6

Enter candidate’s confirmation code received after registration via SMS

Step 7

If the Phone number is already registered on JAMB, the Payer name is retrieved from JAMB otherwise, the candidate has to get registered on the JAMB portal as described in step 1 above.

Step 8

Enter other details and select how you want to pay.

Step 9

Once the transaction has been processed, click the “Print Receipt” button to provide the payer with his transaction receipt. The JAMB Direct Entry PIN is displayed on the payment receipt.

Jamb E-pin not received?

Quickteller as we all know is among the best  payment platform in Nigeria which has help different individuals and businesses to easily send and receive funds and also settle various bills without delay.

After going through the process of registering and you didn't get your epin, relax and don’t bother or worry yourself. You can easily contact Quickteller and they will get it rectified without delay!

Encountered any challenges? Email for prompt assistance.

How to recover lost ePIN After Payment

If you lost your ePIN during or after the registration be rest assured that you can recover your lost e-pin after payment and it is quite easy to do. Just carefully follow the below procedures:

A. First If ePIN is not Received or Lost, send [UTMEPIN] or [DEPIN] to
for UTME or DE respectively from the unique number used during  registration.

B. After performing the above task your ePIN would then be retrieved and delivered on the candidate’s unique number.

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