Building Contractor Secrets: March 2021

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

What is an Elbow In Plumbing?

What are elbows in Plumbing

An Elbow, not that in your arm, but that used to join two lengths of pipes to introduce a change in direction of flow of fluid(gas or liquid) is what we are going to talk about today on
Guardian Constructors.

In Plumbing, Elbows play vital roles in the life of every plumber. I am sure there are only a few plumbers who'd complete a project without coming in contact with at least one elbow.

So let's talk about Elbows and what they are in the piping world.

What are elbows In Plumbing?

As we rightfully described above, elbows are pipe fittings used to join 2 lengths of pipes to create a change in the direction of the flow of fluid.

It remains one of the many pipe fittings you are going to have to deal with in your career as a Plumber.

How Many types of Elbows in Plumbing?

In basic plumbing, there are 3 main types of the elbow. There are however more advanced you are going to come in contact with as you advance your plumbing career.

  1. 90-degree elbow
  2. 45-degree elbow
  3. 22.5-degree elbow
  4. Street Elbow

The 90-Degree elbow is the most common, it comes with a radius and has the 90-degree on the inside of it.

90 degree elbow
90-degree elbow

The 45-degree elbow is less common compared to the 90-degree elbows.

45 degree elbow
45-degree elbow

22.4-degree elbows are derived by further halving 45-degree elbows.

As for the street elbows, they are referred to as street elbows because while the regular elbows (90-degree elbows) has the hub or female threaded connections at each end, while a street elbow has the female fitting on one end and a male fitting on the other.

Street Elbow Image
Street Elbow

Let's see more details about elbows used in Plumbing and this time, we are going to be answering what materials are used to make elbows.

Materials used to Make Elbows.

The most common elbow you are going to come in contact with as a plumber is that made with non-metallic materials like the PVC.

However, there are several other types of elbows made with Carbon, Galvanized steel, stainless steel, iron copper, etc.

Where are Elbows Used In Plumbing?

In Plumbing, an elbow irrespective of the materials used in manufacturing it, are used to change the angle or direction of the pipe run. 

Elbows are most common where there is 90-degrees or 45-degree turns. 

The sweep of the fitting describes how fast a transition or change in direction is made.

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Friday, 19 March 2021

How To Enable 2 Factor Authentication for Facebook

How To Enable 2 Factor Authentication for Your Facebook Account

Today on Building Contractor Secrets, I have decided to take some time out and answer a very important question that would help every of my reader stay safe on the internet. It is about Internet security and this time, I am going to be teaching us how to enable 2 Factor Authentication for Facebook and we are going to be using Authy Android App.

how to enable 2-factor Authentication for facebook

After going through this article, you are expected to understand what 2-factor authentication stands for as well as be able to use Authy, one of the most advanced and reliable 2 Factor Authentication Apps ever developed to help solve 2 Factor authentication issues.

Let's quickly see what 2-Factor Authentication means for you like someone new in this aspect of internet security.

what is Facebook 2-factor authentication?

2-Factor authentication or 2FA as fondly called by Techies is a means of additional protection to our online accounts. It further safeguards against Cyber Attacks.

Cyber attacks could compromise your online security, expose some confidential details like passwords, linked accounts, etc to a hacker if this information is not properly safeguarded. This is the need for 2FA.

The truth remains Cyber attacks are on the rise especially as global cybercrime is expected to inflict a total of $6 Trillion in Damages by the end of the year 2021.

$6 Billion in damage? Remember Africa's total economy is worth about $3 Trillion. This equally means whatever the total damage resulting from cybercrime is, it is worth twice the economy of Africa. This is very sad.

In Nigeria, Businessday did make it known that Nigerian banks lost over N3.5 Billion within July and September. This happened in the year 2020. This only means a 534% increase from what was obtainable in the year 2019 where the total loss within the same period amounted to only NGN 552 Billion.

This does not mean cybercrimes only happen in Africa. Recent data from the FBI placed Nigeria as the 16th most affected country in the world - Sahara Reporters

What this means is that there are other countries where the damage is greater. This simply means there is a need to improve internet security for everyone. The cheapest way to achieve this is to properly set up 2-factor authentication across all your devices, especially those connected to the internet.

Do you know that 2 persons get attacked by hackers every minute? That means there is almost a total of 120 attacks from hackers every hour.

The Simplest Form Of 2 Factor Authentication is Failing

Before now, 2 Factor authentication meant receiving a time-based confirmation sent to your registered phone number. This could be a text message with a 6/8 digit code that must be entered to confirm your identity, confirm you are the current user trying to access such an online account.


It is sad because this type of 2-factor authentication has failed woefully as there are several ways a hacker could get access to your codes without having physical contact with your phone. Stay with me!

Do you know a hacker could bribe a telecommunication worker and have him or she reveal messages coming to your sim or perform a sim swap without your approval? This means whatever information (Including a 2-factor authentication directed to your phone) could be forwarded to another phone without your knowledge, thereby granting a hacker unlimited access to your bank account, social media account, etc.

Remember Lorrie Cranor? She was US Chief Technologist Federal Trade Commission. According to her

the need for 2 factor authentication

"A few weeks ago an unknown person walked into a mobile phone store, claimed to be me, asked to upgrade my mobile phones, and walked out with two brand new iPhones assigned to my telephone numbers. My phones immediately stopped receiving calls, and I was left with a large bill and the anxiety..."

- Hackers loot cellphone accounts

Now if such could be done to a Chief Technologist of America's Federal Trade Commission, who am I? Who are you? Do you have Armed Bodyguards? Do you have a private server and a series of Laser-enabled safe? I guess no!

Please and please, enable 2 Factor Authentication Now.

Ok, enough of the history. Let's see how we could enable 2-factor authentication on the world's most popular social media platform (Facebook)

How does Facebook 2-factor authentication work?

From series of research, i and my team realized that whatever Wikipedia wrote about Two-factor Authentication is true. On the page, Wikipedia explained 2-factor authentication as an electronic authentication method in which a user is granted access to a website/ application or online account only after he's able to present 2 or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism

Sounds more like presenting your Passcode and a valid means of identification before you're allowed access into an examination hall right?

Now explaining how Facebook 2-factor authentication works, we could see that Facebook would require more than a username and password to allow you access to your Facebook profile (Online account)

For the sake of this piece of content, I am going to introduce you "Authy". A 2-factor Authentication 

How to enable Facebook 2 factor authentication

To enable 2-factor authentication for your Facebook account, quickly follow the steps highlight and follow the accompanying images as they provide a visual guide to help you link your account to Authy

Step 1: Download Twilio Authy 2-Factor Authentication

Assuming you have downloaded Twilio Authy 2-Factor Authentication,

Launch the app

Step 2Log on to your Facebook Account By entering your email/Phone number and Password on the fields respectively

How to enable 2 factor authentication for facebook

Step 3Locate the little triangle at the Top extreme of the page, Click on It

There is a drop down, Click on Setting and Privacy

How to enable 2 factor authentication with authy

Step 4Place your Mouse on the Settings Tab and click on It

How to enable 2 factor authentication

Step 5As soon as you click On Settings, another screen comes up

Click on Security and Login

How to enable 2 factor authentication with authy

Step 6After you click on Security and Login
Scroll down till you could see "Two Factor Authentication"

Step 7As soon as you locate the "Two Factor Authentication"

Click on Edit next to it

How to enable 2 factor authentication with authy

Step 8As soon as you click on it, a little dialogue box comes up
Click on Add new App

Step 9:As soon as you click on Add New App, you are taken to a new page. This page has "Two-Factor Authentication is Off" On displace

You quickly Locate Authentication App  and click Manage next to it
As you click Manage, you get options to Add New App

Step 10: As soon as you click Add New App
a page with Bar Code comes up

How to enable 2 factor authentication with authy

Step 11Now go to your Twilio Authy App and quickly register 
an account by entering your phone number and Email address
You are going to receive an activation code via Call/SMS
*Use sms as authy call does not respond all the time

click on "Scan QR Code"

As soon as you click "Scan QR Code"
you are going to have the scanner on display on your device
Place this scanner to match the bar code on your Facebook page.

Once the QR code is scanned by the Scanner on Authy App, you are good to go.

How Does Authy Work?

Authy works in such a way that after successfully linking it to your Facebook,  You are asked for a new authentication code anytime you want to log on to your fakebook account

How to Log on to Facebook with Authy

  • Open

  • Enter your Email/Mobile Number/Username and 
  • Enter your Password
  • Click "Login" as in STEP 2 above

As soon as you click Login,
You're prompted to enter a 6 digit code 
from your authentication app

Its quite simple

  • Launch Authy App
  • Select the Facebook account you wish to log on to
  • a 6 Digit code is displayed on Authy

  • Quickly enter this code to have access to your account 

Note: This prompt only comes up when you are logging in from a different device or New IP Address.

Personally i think its a great win for you because even when someone tricks you into revealing your password, they're still locked out since they may never be able to lay hands on your Authy App.


Conclusion: How to Enable 2 Factor Authentication for Facebook Account

Facebook is probably one of the most important aspect of our social life as it offers us an easy way to share and connect with loved ones regardless of their location, promote our business without and close a lot of sales. The internet is everyday filled with lot of users with different intent including to steal and harm.

Therefore, there is need for every user to secure their social media, internet Banking, school social network with an authentication mechanism that cannot be compromised and this is what Authy is here to offer for free.

Lets embrace authy today and use it to enable 2 factor authentication for our facebook account

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Thursday, 18 March 2021

Happy Birthday Mrs Nancy Chuks

Birthdays are sweetest when it's about a dear friend, a lovely soul, a confidant, a person who always wants you to succeed at all cost.

Nancy Chuks Birthday

When it comes to friendships, the most amazing thing is watching your friend grow from one age to the other.

A friend us someone who always standby to watch you climb another milestone. You both fight, but find a way to settle your differences and advance further.

On this special occasion of your Birthday, I wish you everything good. As your heart remains pure towards internet marketing, as you'll never set out to harm anyone crossing your path, may you succeed in every way.

May prosperity be a part of your life and may not unlimited dwell in your home all the days of your life.

Happy birthday once again Mama Nancy Ikechukwu. May your finances grow as you grow mama. May heaven bless your home and keep your heart happy always. May good health, divine security be a part of your daily life.


Best regards

Amebopost Team
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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

How to Start POS Business In Nigeria Today

So we are looking at POS Machines and today we shall be considering the necessary processes involved when you want to start POS Business in Nigeria. Please remember POS stands for Point of sale

Why POS Business In Nigeria?

Because of several bank policies as enforced by the apex bank, Nigerians are forced to either stand at ATM Points for several hours or be turned around each time they walk into a banking hall to withdraw amounts lesser than NGN100,000.

how to start POS Business in Nigeria

Also, it is only right to choose POS Business in Nigeria because Aside Crypto Exchange business, POS Terminals offers limitless income for its operatives, unless you are located in a bad spot or stationed in an area where the demand is low. From experience, a 100% ROI is certain within 6 months. We are going to explain everything you need to start enjoying this right away and if you follow the process, your success is guaranteed

POS Business Described

Having a POS Business means you have decided to act as an extension of a bank. Having a POS Outlet means you have decided to build a spot where customers could Pay utility Bills (Electricity), Services like Airtime recharge, DStv Subscription, GOtv subscription, Tax, etc. Let's not forget you have placed yourself at the spot where customers could withdraw cash using their bank cards, deposit cash to their bank accounts as well as send money to family and friends just by visiting your POS Outlet with some cash or a valid bank Card.

How Beneficial is POS Business in Nigeria Society?

POS Business is highly beneficial because it helps to make life easy for Nigerians.

It creates an avenue for self-employment

It is the easiest Entrepreneurship around today

Highly profitable

Increases customer satisfaction

Reduces workload at the bank

Makes life easy for Every Nigerian

How to start POS Business In Nigeria Today!

To start a POS Business in Nigeria today, what you need is good guidance from people who are experienced or already have their own POS business within the country. However, I must make it clear that not everyone would be willing to reveal the easy steps to help you initiate a POS business as this only increases the competition.

Have a Business Plan

A Business plan as you know is a detailed document that highlights your plans as an entrepreneur as regards your business venture.

It is one of the many documents you must have to start your POS Business In Nigeria.

Let's not forget that a man that fails to plan has automatically planned to fail.

Choose a Company (Banks Recommended)

In Nigeria today, some financial institutions or companies may allow you to register a POS business under their name without a single hassle. These include the likes of First City Monument Bank, Zenith, Access, and first Bank. The companies include Opay, Paga, Quickteller, Paystack, etc

Now knowing how to approach these bodies for their operating license is a step you must take after drafting your business plan.

Site Your POS outlet in a Very strategic Place

As mentioned in the introductory part of this page, one of the many factors that would guarantee your success is location. From experience, we know that the most successful POS Businesses are those sited around Campuses, Markets, Hostels, Estates, Hospitals (Federal/State). So you have to ensure your POS business is located close to one of these facilities.

Get your Capital Ready

No business ever starts without capital. So based on the fact that you already have a business plan, have a site in mind, it's time to get your capital together. The cash required to rent your shop is not included in this capital.

This is just the amount you are to have in your POS Bank account, it about NGN65,000

Do not forget that this is the shop where you are going to start your POS Machine business, so ensure it's secure.

Buy A POS Machine

As you know, unless you approach a company, no financial institution is ready to issue you a POS Machine just like that. Some documentation must be made and there are certain criteria before you can be considered eligible to have a POS machine.

Set Up Your Business Banner

Your business Banner is that part of your business that speaks for you when you are not there. The cost of getting a POS Business Banner is NGN2,000 - NGN4,500.

How much is POS Machine in Nigeria?

how can i start pos business in Nigeria

Unless you are approaching companies like Paga, oPay, and quickteller, there is no cost at all if you are getting a POS Machine from a Financial institution.

From these companies, you may need about NGN60,000 to NGN85,000 to have your own POS Machine

Getting POS Machine from Banks: Requirements

To be considered eligible to have a POS For your POS Business, you as an individual must meet the following requirements

1. Have a Registered Business Name

2. Have a bank account with the bank you are approaching

3. 2 Passport Photographs

4.You must have rented your shop 

5. Completed A POS Agent agreement with the bank.

6 Have the required Capital NGN 65,000 - 250,000 Depending on whether your business is registered or not.

How much does POS Agent make daily?

For every business journey, it is often right and expected that you ask to know the benefits which is often measured monetarily. Having said this, i know you really want to know how much a POS Agent makes on a daily Basis. 

Well, as a POS agent, i must make you understand that a your income comes from every customer that transacts a business through the pos. This might include cash withdrawals, Deposits, Payment of utility Bills, etc

In Nigeria today, you as an Agent could make upto N1000 per transaction depending on the amount of cash your customer withdraws from the POS.

Remember that the smallest amount of cash you can make per transaction is NGN100.

This means having 100 transactions daily guarantees some NGN5000 and even more.

Making NGN5000 on a daily basis means your monthly income is somewhere between NGN120,000 to NGN150,000 (If you work on Sundays)

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Monday, 8 March 2021

Migration: Nigerian Student Exchange Program

nigerian student exchange program

Nigerian Student Express is a new pilot program by the Canadian Government for Nigerians and legal residents of Nigeria. As a result of this program, they can benefit from a very quick Canadian Study Permit processing time of 20 calendar days instead of the usual 8 weeks. There are certain requirements to be eligible to apply for this program

Requirements for Nigeria Student Express (NSE) Stream

The Nigeria Student Express (NSE) for Canadian study permit specifically designed for Nigerians has recently been launched by IRCC with the processing duration of "20 days" against regular processing time. For the Proof of English Language Proficiency Test, you may decide to opt for either the General or Academic IELTS.

The new study permit application stream is similar with the Student Direct Stream (SDS) for selected countries like India, Senegal, China, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam but with a tweak in the application requirements against the NSE. The advantage is the fast visa processing. At least, based on current observation of writing this post.

The eligible Nigerian applicants intending to apply through the Nigerian Student Express Stream must meet the following requirements:

1. Apply online: If you meet the eligibility requirements, quickly apply through Canadian Immigration Portal

2. Be a Nigerian citizen or legally reside in Nigeria

3. Have a valid admission letter from a Designated Learning Institution in Canada for a Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D or PGD/C programs

4. Must not reside outside the country (Nigerian) when applying

5. Must submit a "MyBankStatement No. & Ticket Password" of $30,000 CAD of at least 6 months with a 12 months banking history

6. Have a Certificat d'acceptation du Québec (CAQ) – Only applicable to students going to Quebec

7. Undergo an upfront medical examination

8. Have a score of at least 6 in each band of Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking or at least CLB 7 in Test d'evaluation de Francais (TEF) in each band.

N.B: you can either decide to opt for the Regular processing method or the NSE, whichever is your preference.

What Do I Need to Do In Order to Get Approved After 20 Days?

In order to get your visa approved, applicants must Present proves of strong ties in Nigeria (Family, Employment, Assets, etc)

You must also have sufficient funds in your account and ensure your Statement of Purpose is well written to be able to speak for you when you are not there.

You may want to avoid using just any travel Agents as some of these agents are not well informed in these matters. Some travel agents actually feels Getting Canadian Visa is all about showing funds in your bank account.

Some Travel Agents actually cares about the money you pay for the wrong services they render to you and for this reason, i always urge every applicant to try and research these things on their own.

Do not forget, the Visa Officer is on the lookout for reasons to reject your application, so you want to make sure every document is well prepared, the Statement of Purpose is convincingly written as well.

I wish you all the best Dearies

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Thursday, 4 March 2021

How to Exchange Bitcoin to Naira

how to exchange bitcoin to Naira

So you've earned a lot of Bitcoin from a legitimate online program, mining and since you're a Nigerian and Bitcoin generated currently sits on your blockchain/Binance wallet and you'd love to have this fund exchanged to a spendable Naira! You're just on the right page cos after a few minutes or thereabouts, you're going to understand how best to exchange Bitcoin to Naira.

Bitcoin is a cryptographic currency that has come to stay. It was developed back in year 2009 by a group of individuals who with the name Satoshi Nakamoto.

Exchanging Bitcoin to your local currency isn't hard, what might be hard is getting a very reliable and legit platform to exchange this digital currency which is quite untraceable. 

There are a lot of Bitcoin exchange platforms in Nigeria. Platforms like Binance, Kucoin, Okex and Finally the Roqu which was launched early last year.


One thing you need to understand is that these platforms allows you create a profile, add your local bank details which is where Naira Equivalent of whatever you exchange as Bitcoin would be paid into. However, I'm not looking at these platforms because no matter how reliable they've been or the reputation they've built, a single mistake could lead to a colossal loss on your part. I'm interested in showing you how to Exchange your Bitcoin to Naira in Nigeria without using any of these platforms.

How to Exchange Bitcoin to Naira in Nigeria

The easiest way to exchange your Bitcoin to Naira in Nigeria is to find an exchanger or an agent around your locality. Someone who is reliable someone that could never run away with your funds and here today, I'm going to unveil this individuals to you.

C-R Exchange

C-R Exchange is a Peer to Peer Bitcoin exchanger whose services has helped a lot of Nigerians Exchange their Bitcoin to Naira.

Owned and managed by Nigeria's most reliable Youth ever lived, Nwachukwu Richard, you're certainly just a few clicks away from changing your Bitcoin to Naira.

How to Exchange your Bitcoin to Naira with C-R Exchange.

It's simple. C-R Exchange has no official platform where you register to exchange your Bitcoin. He operates on WhatsApp only.

To exchange your Bitcoin, all you have to do is initiate a chat via WhatsApp +2347035528329.

Know the rate at which he will buy your coin and when you've reached an agreement, he's going to send you a blockchain wallet to send your Bitcoin.

After sending your Bitcoin, ensure to drop your bank account as well.

Once your Bitcoin is sent and he confirms it, Richard Nwachukwu of C-R Exchange will send your Naira Equivalent to your bank account.

And that's the best way to exchange Bitcoin to Naira in Nigeria.

Why is C-R Exchange your best option?

Payout is fast
Doesn't need 3 confirmations to pay you
He's a highly respected, verified internet marketer and has continued to serve humanity through this platform

He's never scammed anyone in the past

How to Exchange your Bitcoin to Naira in Nigeria with Roqqu is yet another wonderful platform to exchange your Bitcoin to Naira. Personally I've used Roqqu severally and currently have an account with them.

Truth is, when I first used Roqqu, their platform was still a bit messy. I was able to get the coins I paid for, but wasn't able to send to my wallet since I never wanted to have my Bitcoin stashed in their platform for personal reasons.

However, after a few days, they fixed their issues and has since then been helping Nigerians Exchange their Bitcoin to Naira. However, you must be careful and ensure your transaction is carried on on the platform because recently, Roqqu released a newsletter asking users to be careful of unscrupulous elements parading themselves as Roqqu agents.

Places You should never Exchange your Coin

If you want to exchange your Bitcoin to Naira but never want to get scammed, please and please never take your coin to Telegram. 

A lot of People has cried bitterly to the public after losing their Bitcoin to fraudsters on Telegrams.

Recommended: How to Make Money from Cryptocurrency

Only use Telegram with a buyer or Bitcoin exchanger that you know won't scam you. And remember C-R Exchange would never transact business on Telegram, emails or any other Platform aside from WhatsApp.

Unknown Bitcoin Exchangers

Please and please beware of Bitcoin exchangers or exchange platforms with no reputation. These are in most cases the riskiest people you should ever send your bitcoin to.

Closing Remark
Everybody understands the role Binnance plays as far as bitcoin and its exchange to Naira is concerned. But the truth remains Binance is an advanced platform and not everyone is ready to follow protocols, thus the need for a better and reliable Exchanger to help

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