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Thursday, 15 October 2020

How to Build a Cyber Security Career Today!

cyber security career

Are you one of those internet freaks who want to learn Cyber Security? if yes then this article is going to show you the steps to build a Cyber Security career. However, make sure you read carefully and also adhere to all the instructions.

Cyber Security is a very wonderful profession that can earn you a lot of money. If you are good enough, a good company can also hire or employ you to protect data breaches and attacks. And guess what? due to the current malicious attack that is going on in cyberspace, the demand for Cyber Security workers has increased and this could be your opportunity of getting employed. It doesn't require age, gender, certificate, or certain approval before you can start your Cyber Security career. However, what you need is just to be perfect in the area you want to build.

They are many ways of learning Cyber Security or enhancing your Cyber Security skill, many cybersecurity experts today learned it through college, IT training, online webinar, or through the paid or free course. However, this article is going to show the right steps to follow and build your Cyber Security career

Cyber Security, also know as information security is an advanced discipline and it is advisable for you to choose the are you like or good at, for example, ethical hacking, and master it. Daniel Miessler recommended that anyone who wants to learn Cyber Security should do a four-year program in Computer Science or information technology in a very decent university to enhance HIS/HER career.


However, if you don't have money or don't want to learn the Cyber Security in the high institution, they are some of the cool ways of learning Cyber Security online even without paying a dime. I'll explain further.

Steps To Build A Cyber Security career

Like I said earlier, the are several ways of building a Cyber Security career which I'm about to list and explain below.

University Training

One of the best and recommended way of building and enhancing your Cyber Security career fast is through university training. All you have to do is to look for a good technology college in your country and apply for a Computer Science or information technology. The majority of the Cyber Security experts and well respect computer wizards earned their BS in 1 of these 2 fields. Guess what? a college degree or certificate is highly required before you can get employment in some big companies.

Although in some cases the certificate is not needed, that is if they see the talent in you.

One On One Training From Expert

Apart from college training, another best way of building your Cyber Security career is to look for expect and pay HIM/HER for a one on one training. Is going to be as of that college training or even more than but the only thing is that you are not coming out with a certificate unless it is a program.

This is more preferable and recommended than a webinar or a normal course. However, all of them are good.


Are you one of those video freaks? if yes then a webinar is going to be a great strategy of building your Cyber Security career. They are a lot of free and paid video tutorial to learn and enhance your Cyber Security career. However, it is recommended for you to start with the free ones and learn the basics of Cyber Security and then use the premium webinars to enhance your skills.

Courses (Online or Face to Face)

The truth is that course is the popular and easiest way of learning Cyber Security with your mobile phone or computer. A lot of Cyber Security experts today all started with free and paid courses. The Cyber Security course can make you a genius in Cyber Security, however, it can only be possible if you are reading the right course.

Now you've seen the steps to build a Cyber Security career, let me continue and show you how you can get free Cyber Security training.

Easy Ways To Get Free Cyber Security Training

Having some basic knowledge of cybersecurity is a very nice thing and also a means of equipping yourself in the world of technology. Technology is fast-growing and Cybersecurity cybersecurity is a very nice career that pays very well. However, below are some of the platforms that you can get quality Cyber Security training to enhance your skills. Guess what? some will give you a certificate after the training which will prove that you've completed the training.

Heimdal Security

Open Security Training

Sans Cyber Aces Online

US Department of Homeland Security


The five platforms listed above has over 100 free and paid courses and webinars that can teach you the basics of Cyber Security and also improve your Cyber Security knowledge. However, if you are just new to Cyber Security then you can start with the free courses and learn the fundamentals, then as time goes on you can upgrade to their premium plan.

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Some of these Cyber Security courses and webinars have a lot of secret and essential knowledge that you might not even obtain in the university. So instead of playing games with your spare time, reading news that adds no value to your life, or spending time on social media watching videos. Is better you use the time to learn Cyber Security and also get a Certificate that would add value in your life.


Now you've seen the steps to build a Cyber Security career, however, put procrastination aside and take action immediately.

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Do You Know About House Flipping?

House Flipping

There are tons of business ideas available for anyone willing to start a business, but it can be painfully hard to find a lucrative business that requires little capital.
When talking about business, how does house flipping stack up?
What is it, and how does it work? Can you make a significant amount of money flipping a house, with little capital?

Is house flipping risky?

These and more are what we’ll be covering in this article.

What is house flipping?

If you have some experience in the business world, you must have known what flipping is.
Flipping is the act of buying a commodity that is expected to increase in price over time to sell it off for profit when it does.

House flipping is no different. House flippers buy houses and other landed property, expecting its price to catapult so they can sell it for a superior price. House flipping is usually a very quick process, with most house flips completed in a year or less.
While house-flipping might sound simple and straightforward, it isn't and involves many more complications than portrayed.

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When you decide to flip a house, you're taking serious risks, and if everything doesn't go as expected, can be a risky investment. If it turns out well, however, house flipping can just be one of the most rewarding investments anyone can make.

What spells the difference between successful, and failed house flippers?
Continue with this article, and you’ll understand why some house flipping investments are wise ones, while others flop.

Types of house flipping

There are two major but distinct types of house flipping and each has a different strategy and success rate. The type you choose depends on your budget and experience.

A flipper can buy a damaged or poorly managed home at an inexpensive price due to its condition. This house then undergoes a repair process until it is inhabitable. The investor then sells off the house for a much higher price than the price of repair and purchase combined.

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Or a flipper can buy a stable house with no need for refurbishing, but at a time when the cost of purchasing a home is on the rise. The flipper allows the house to increase in price over the cost of a few months and sells it off. This strategy requires more experience, as it is reliant on timing and proper pricing.
Also, an investor is more vulnerable to loss when flipping with this strategy.

As the first strategy appears more popular and risk—free than the second option, most house flippers resort to using the first. While the first option might seem to be not so risky, it is also not totally risk-free, and an investor might lose money if improperly done

Should I flip a house?

Flipping a house might look fun on TV, but it is surely not as funny in real life. If you approach house-flipping the right way, it is a gold-mine. If improperly approached, however, you are at risk of losing a lot more than most traditional investments.

The decision of whether to flip a house or not depends largely on the risk management skills of an investor. Home flipping as earlier said, can be a highly lucrative investment, but there is no assurance that it will always be.

If you’re not afraid of losing some significant amount of money, house flipping is definitely for you.
You don’t have to lose money flipping houses, however. I’ll share some advantages and disadvantages of flipping houses, so you get to know what you’re jumping into.

Advantages of house flipping

Can be highly rewarding, if successful

House flipping has a high potential of turning out well, and if it does, an investor will potentially earn more, as compared to other investments.
Also, flipping houses isn't a long term investment. It takes one year at most to purchase, refurbish, and sell off the house at a much higher price. This is surely not the same as most high-priced investments, making the business appealing to many investors.

You manage the risks

Unlike being a stakeholder in some company where your profits and losses are dependent on the competence of some CEOs, house flipping depends on your business skills. It is also much different from online investments that abscond with their users' investments.

This keeps you rest assured that your business is in safe and competent hands, and you decide if you lose or win.

There’s room for personal development

Bargaining, selling, negotiating, and reselling a house, all in a fixed period helps to hone one's negotiation and time management skills, which are highly relevant in the real world.

You also learn self-discipline and accountability, as you are accountable for whatever profits or losses incurred from houses you flip. Best of all, you learn to interact with new people and manage money, getting you ready for any business in the future.

Disadvantages of house flipping

While house flipping can be highly advantageous, it has its risks, that can flaw the lucrative business. With dedication and experience, these flaws can be bypassed by investors to create a hitch-free house flipping experience.

High-risk investment

House flipping is a highly risky venture that requires a lot of capital to start, as it requires buying a house. How Does Septic tank work?

Most flipped houses are bought at auctions or foreclosures. These transactions are usually quick, without much room for afterthought.

Most investors usually discover issues with the purchased property after-the-fact, causing significant issues, and a low risk of making a breakeven, not to talk of making a profit.

High capital requirement

Flipping houses will always require enormous capital, which is scary on its own. The fact that there is no guarantee that you're getting the money back is another thing that makes it scarier.

Before flipping your first house, it is always recommended to check with an expert, to avoid unwarranted losses. Even with that, profiting isn’t guaranteed.


Flipping houses can be highly rewarding if done rightly. However, there is always a risk of losing some or even all parts of the investment.

Consulting experts before starting can highly decrease your risks of losing. Partnering with other interested house flippers can also significantly decrease your risks of losing outrageously, but can also decrease your profit.

Either way, you have to understand and avoid the risks to be highly successful in house flipping.

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