Building Contractor Secrets: April 2019

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Best Chinese Restaurant In Dubai

Today I'm all about the best Chinese Restaurant in Dubai, writing this cos its the best Chinese restaurant Around me and I can't help but share so someone else gets a taste of what I had.

Last Winter, I took a Vacation and landed in Dubai. I loved Anything Hilton so I found myself in Hampton Hilton Hotel Located in Al Qusais.

Al Qusais is one of the cities connected by Dubai Metro and is currently a host to some of the best Restaurants you can find in Dubai.

From my Hampton Suite, I made a search for a place to eat Chinese Food, wasn't just looking for some food, I needed something nice, something that doesn't just have to be about prawns and nothing more.

Well, I took my phone, Google searched "Chinese Restaurants Around me" and I did this with my phone Location switched on.
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