What Is The Cost Of Molding/Buying 500 Sandcrete Blocks in Nigeria?

How much do I need to make 500 blocks in nigeria
Before anything, I want to say a big thanks to those who always make out time to visit Building Contractor secrets, those that calls and texts to make one inquiry or the other have actually continued to make me understand that I do communicate here. That this blog and the efforts as regards making fresh content is not a waste at all. It is for this reason that I have decided to hit another important aspect of your construction. 

I want to talk about the economic benefits of molding your own sandcrete blocks as against buying those sold at the block industries. The aim is however, not to discourage you from patronizing those you formerly bought blocks from, but to help you understand how much you could have saved if you had enough time to mold yours.

I have also decided to use 500 blocks (5 inch) as a case study here. So from this you’ll understand it takes actually a 5 ton tipper to produce 500 solid blocks.

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So what are the raw materials required for molding blocks and what is the price.

In order to mold a very solid sandcrete block, you’ll need all the materials listed below.

Materials Needed to Mold 500 5-Inch Blocks

1. A trip of sharp sand ( 5 Ton)———————————-N13,000
2. Bags Of cement (12)——————————————-N32,400
3. workmanship For Molder————————————-N8,400

Note: Bag of cement ———————————————N2700 (August              2017 survey)
         Cost To Mold 1 Bag for 5 inch Block —————–N700
         5 Ton Tipper is the smallest bucket.
         Molders are to be monitored to ensure a total of 40 blocks is produced for          every bag of cement.
        The average is 38 blocks but since the molder is not a machine, there may         be an addition 2 blocks after each bag so we say 40 blocks/bag of cement.

Now let’s sum up the entire cost to mold 500 Blocks

13,000 + 32,000 + 8,400 = N53,800.

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How Many Blocks Will I get From A Tipper Of Sand?

For a 5 Ton tipper, you’re expected to get a total of 500 Blocks. This is for 5 inch sandcrete Blocks. The number produced could be less for 6 and 9 inch blocks.

So the total coat of molding 500 blocks = N53,800

What is the cost of buying 500 sandcrete Blocks?

Well, I currently live in Delta State, Nigeria, West Africa, the price for a 5 inch sandcrete Block here is N130 (August 2017). The price for 500 blocks will therefore be 130 x 500 = N 65,000

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Now compare with the total cost of Molding.

65,000 – 53,800 = N11,200.

Benefits Of Molding Your Own sandcrete Blocks

1. You are sure of the strength
2. You are sure the specified number of blocks per bag is not exceeded.
3. You ensure your sandcrete blocks are well cured before been played.

Please Note

1. Price for sand may differ depending on your location.
2. Price of cement usually goes high during dry season
3. Blocks should be molded by a reliable person         who wouldn’t cheat or cut corners.
4. Sharp sand should not be mistaken for MixMud   or filling sand
5. The price for Workmanship may differ.
6. You can encourage the molder to make it 38/bag in order to ensure the block is of a greater strength.

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Now you’ve known the cost of producing 500 sandcrete blocks in Nigeria (5 inches)

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