Tutorial: How To Know My Inverter Rating And Loads It Can Carry

In Nigeria, As a Nigeria i have seen businesses collapse simply because the power required to run such businesses aren’t there or are too expensive to the owners. You can just imagine that an average home with the intention to live a comfortable life with power all night long would spend at least 30,000 on a monthly basis running a petrol or diesel generator just to be able to provide the needed energy for the home.

This is the reason why most Business owners to source for alternative means of powering their businesses and homes without depending on PHCN. These people go for inverters in order to power their homes.

But after a while, you discover that these inverters are often not able to serve the purpose for which they were bought and this is where the argument come.

On this post today, i will help you understand the load capacity for each category of inverters as this would help you make the right choices.

Below is a table showing the inverter rating and the amount of load you can load on it in order for it to serve you and be always available anytime you need it.
Below is a section showing the different brands of inverters and their features as well as the cost of purchasing any of them. You can get these and power your home once and for all.

Mpower Inverter Features and Prices

Mpower – 2.4kva/24V Inverter With LCD Display  39,750

Mpower – 1.2KVA/12V Inverter – Latest Design with LCD Display  34,750

SUKAM Inverter Features and Prices

Sukam – Pure Sinewave Inverter – 10KVA/180V 1- Phase Colossal  649,950

Sukam – 7.5KVA/120V DSP Sine Wave inverter – Colossal Series  499,750

Sukam – Pure Sinewave Inverter – 5KVA/48V 1- Phase Colossal  345,750

Sukam – Fusion Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter – 2.2kVA/36V  99,500

Sukam – Falcon+ Pure Sine Wave Inverter – 1600VA/24V  68,500

Sukam – Falcon+ Pure Sine Wave Inverter – 1050VA/12V  45,750

Sukam – 2.5KVA / 48V Digital Pure Sine Inverter  145,750

Sukam – 3.5KVA/48V Inverter  165,350

LUMINOUS Inverter Features and Prices

Luminous – Zelio 1.5KVA/24V Inverter  69,950

Luminous – 1.5KVA/24V Eco Volt Inverter  57,750

Luminous – 7.5KVA/120V Inverter  495,500

Luminous – Luminous 5KVA /96V Inverter 291,550

Luminous – Luminous 3.5KVA / 48V Inverter  165,350

IPOWERPLUS Inverter Features and Prices

iPowerPlus – Inverter – 3KVA/24V  135,750

iPowerPlus – 2KVA/24V Inverter  91,370

iPowerPlus – 1KVA/24V Inverter  63,670

iPowerPlus – 5KVA/48V Inverter  193,660

BG Inverter Features and Prices

3.4KVA / 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter BG3400  112,000

2.8KVA / 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter BG2800  83,250

1KVA /12V Inverter  48,750

3.5KVA / 24V Inverter BG3500  178,750

5.5KVA / 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter BG5500  186,750

BLUE GATE – 2.4KVA / 24V Inverter BG-2400  37,570

BLUE GATE Inverter Features and Prices

2KVA / 24V Inverter  60,140

PRAG Inverter Features and Prices

Prag – 1KVA/12V Inverter  55,950

Prag – 1.2KVA/12V Inverter 59,950

Prag – 2KVA / 24V Inverter  79,950

Prag – 2.5KVA/24V Inverter  93,750

Prag – Pure Sine Wave Inverter – 4KVA/48V  164,750

MERCURY Inverter Features and Prices

Mercury – Sinewave Inverter 5KVA  164,950


Mpower – 200Ah /12V Hybrid Gel SMF Battery  94,790

Sukam – Deep Discharge SMF Battery – 100Ah/12V  47,750

Sukam – Deep Cycle 200AH / 12V Battery  94,750

Luminous 100AH/12V Dry Cell Inverter Battery  47,750

Luminous – 200AH Inverter Battery 94,750

Sukam – Knight Double Battery Trolley Rack  24,750

BUNDLES Inverter Features and Prices

500W Solar Panel Kit Bundle – 2.4kva Inverter + 2 Deep Cycle Batteries – 100ah 355,750

500W Solar Panel Kit Bundle – 2kva Inverter + 2 Deep Cycle Batteries – 210ah 465,000

500W Solar Panel Kit Bundle – 1.5kva Inverter + 2 Deep Cycle Batteries – 100ah 365,000

iPowerPlus – 3KVA/24V Inverter with 2 210ah Batteries  323,000

Sukam – Falcon+ Pure Sine Wave Inverter – 1600VA/24V + 2 Batteries 200AH 265,500

Sukam – Falcon+ Pure Sine Wave Inverter – 1050VA/12V + 1 Battery 200Ah Deep Cycle 134,700


iPowerPlus – 250 Watts Solar Panel 61750.
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Now you have been able to know the different Inverter Rating and what load they can be subject to. On the other section of this post, you have known the brands of inverters available in Nigeria, Their features and cost of procurement so kindly share this with others as we approach a time when no one will ever be dependent on the national grid.

This Estimates were culled from a thread On Nairaland. You can reach the installer by calling any of the numbers found when you click Here

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