Tutorial: How To Calculate The Number Of Bamboo Required For Construction Of Decking

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Tutorial: How To Calculate The Number Of Bamboo Required For Construction Of Decking

For those building Duplex and other mansions requiring Decking or Slabs, one question you must provide a very accurate answer to is "How Can I Calculate Materials Required For Decking", this is because in decking construction, Nails, Plank (1 x 12), Bamboo or bush wood (Usually Rubber) are required in large quantity and knowing how to calculate these materials for your decking is therefore very important.

Well, since you are already on this page, you'll be learning how to calculate the materials required for Decking. Knowing how to calculate the materials yourself would afford you a sudden kind of advantage. Such that would enable you face your contractor and avoid being cheated. If Possible, you may even walk to the market and buy what you need your self.

What Are The Materials Required for Decking In Nigeria?

The materials required for decking in Nigeria include but is not limited to:

1. Bamboo
2. 2" x 3" planks
3. 1" x 12" board
4. Reinforcements
5. Concrete

Firstly, lets learn how to calculate the number of Bamboo sticks needed for a decking project.

We are going to assume that the building in question is 29m by 13m (29 meter long, 13 meter wide).

What is the Use Of Bamboo In Construction Of Decking?

Bamboos are known for their high tensile strength. It is also very good in compression and so serves as a very good supporting material for slab construction or construction of decking.

Bamboo is usually spaced at 0.6m apart and this applies to normal decking height. Assuming the building is a perfect rectangle  with dimensions 29m by 13m,

How Can I Calculate The Number Of Bamboo Required In Decking Construction

Lets quickly take the longer side which is 29m and divide by the spacing which is 0.6m

29/0.6 = 48 lengths of bamboo
also, 13/0.6 = 22 lengths of bamboo

Now to know the total lengths of bamboo to buy for your decking, quickly multiply 48 by 22 (ie 48 x 22) = you'll have a total of 1056 lengths.

Now we also know that bamboo is usually long and as a result of this, from a length of bamboo, we can get 2 usable lengths.

Knowing this, we will then divide 1056 by 2 to have 528 lengths of bamboo.

Therefore, if you were to deck a house with the  same dimension as 29m by 13m, you will need a total of 528 lengths of bamboo to completely support the decking construction.

What Is The price Of Bamboo Stick?

This depends on your location though, but here in Warri, A length of Bamboo sells for N100 -  N150.

You can apply this steps in similar structures too as it would help you know how much you're going to be spending

I will also write on how to calculate the number of Planks for a decking project but that would be on the next post


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  3. Can i have a qty of sand required

    1. Yes you can!
      But you must specify the total Quantity of concrete to be caste in Cubic metres

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