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Tutorial: How To Calculate The Amount Of Water Required For a Cubic Meter Of Concrete

how to calculate water in concrete

Once again on building contractor secrets, i want to hammer on another important aspect of concrete that should never be over looked. I want to teach us how to calculate the volume of water required for a cubic meter of concrete. This is very important as a concrete mix with less water results to flash setting which actually doesn't speak well for the strength development in concrete.

How Can I Calculate Amount Of Water Required For Concrete Mix

In order to be able to calculate the amount of water required for your concrete, you have to know the total volume of concrete you're required to mix and this means you also have to fish out the other elements that make up the entire concrete such as Granite, Cement, sand and water as well.

Some times you'll just discover most sites just keep adding water till they have a consistent mix, but this is really not encouraged as excess of water could lead to other effects that may be too spiritual for the naked eye. Amen?

So lets Assume we are about to mix 1 cubic meter (1m³) of concrete.

Lets also assume a mix ratio of 0.5:1:2:4 is to be used for the mix.

0.5 is the most commonly used ratio for water and it has proved to be the best since it often gives a concrete with a high crushing value or strength.

Our next step is to get the amount of materials expected to make up a meter cube of concrete.

Total Ratio = 0.5+1+2+4 = 7.5

Total Volume = 1m³

What is the Volume of Cement in a cubic meter of Concrete?

The ratio for Cement is 1, the total ratio is 7.5, so 1/7.5 x 1 = 0.133m³. Now we simply divide this by the volume of a bag of cement  (0.035m³) we will have 0.38 bags which means 4 bags of cement

What is the Volume of Sand in a Cubic meter of concrete?

For sand, The ratio is 2/7.5 x 1 = 0.267m³. Diving this by the volume of 1 head pan (0.0175) we will have 15.3 head pans. But we also know that 4 head pans equals 1 wheelbarrow. so 15.23/4 = 3.81 wheelbarrows of sand

what is the volume of Granite in a cubic meter of Concrete

For granite, we simply work it out thus...

4/7.5 x 1 = 0.5333m³. Dividing this by 0.0175, we have 30.47 Head pans of granite and dividing by 4, we have 7.6 wheelbarrows of granite.

How many Litres of water do i need for a cubic meter of concrete?

water has the smallest ratio, so it'll be 0.5/7.5 x 1 = 0.067m³. Multiplying this by 1000 actually gives us 67 Litres Of Water

In All, You'll discover you'll need just 67 litres of water to make a cubic meter of concrete.

Now Do not forget that excess water in concrete could lead to bleeding.
Loss Of strength of concrete and several other things you may not be able to see with your physical eye.

Now you have known or gotten a clue on how to calculate the amount of water required in a Cubic meter Of Concrete. I Hope you find this useful and would be willing to share with others in order to help them in their research too.

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