Safety: What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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Today on Building Contractor secrets, i would be talking about safety. i will be dealing on the importance of Personal Protection Equipment or PPE as it is called in some places. I will also cite examples of these protective equipment. You will understand examples of eye protective equipment, Head, foot, hand and body protective equipment.

What is safety?

According to C.J Smith and B. Curry, Safety can be defined as the conduction of one’s activities in a way that there is no injury to oneself or to others. Safety simply means no accident. In Building Construction, Plumbing and general construction, even wood workshops, the health and safety of people is of major concern.

What Is Personal Protective Equipment?

Personal Protective Equipment Is often referred to as PPE by safety officials. PPE is defined as all the equipment which are intended to be worn or held to protect against risk to health and safety. A PPE is a special work clothing.

Requirement of A PPE

1. It must be suitable for the task and the user
2. It must fit properly
3. A PPE must give adequate protection
4. It must be compatible with other items of PPE Worn

What Parts Of The Body Do We Need PPE?

1. The eye

2. The head

3. The body

4. The hand

5. The foot.

These are the areas of the human body that requires protection

What is Eye Protection PPE

Eye protectors serve as guard against the hazards of impact, Splashes from chemicals or molten metal, liquid droplets, dusts, gases and welding arcs.

What are examples of eye protectors?

The examples of eye protectors includes the following:
Safety spectacles

Eye shields

Welding filters
Face shield

Welding Goggles must be tinted or shaded lenses as their duty is to protect the eye from intense light and sparks created by electric arcs or gas welding, likewise are face-screens and face shields.

Safety Goggles are suitable for activities that create a lot airborne dust or grit. Activities that creates chance for flying debris also require wearing of safety goggles with side-shields. Such activities includes cutting of holes in blocks or bricks, as well as metal or swarf from grinding machines or splashes from molten solder.

Now this is just about eye Protection PPE. Stay Tuned as i Bring you other areas of safety as it applies to you as construction worker.

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