What Type Of Risks Affects The Construction Of Civil Engineering Projects

Sunday, 23 July 2017

What Type Of Risks Affects The Construction Of Civil Engineering Projects

Today, i will be able to answer some questions that are related to construction management. These also relates to the construction of infrastructures. As you know, one of the most unanswered questions in construction management would be:

What are some types of Risks that affects the construction of Civil Engineering Projects?

The question above is so hard to answer, it has been hard even for those studying Construction management courses Online, but today we will understand these problems and discuss on them so everyone understands it.

This is a question for Graduates from Online construction management courses.

There are many types of Risks that affects Construction Of Civil Engineering Projects and these includes:

1. Site Related Risks:

Unknown or unforseen site condition or improper geological investigations can lead to the collapse of infrastructure.

Site contamination is another risk wherein pollutants in the soil can lead to hazards during construction, occupancy and use.

archeological discoveries could lead to the site being closed off temporarilly and delays in permirs and approvals. 

In Nigeria, land acquisition for infrastructure is another key site related issue that often causes considerable delays to the oroject.

Now that we have seen some site related Risks that could affect the construction of civil engineering projects, lets now see Relational Risks In construction.

2. Relational Risks In Construction:

construction of infrastructure often involves a large project organization with several agencies and subcontractors. Very Often, co-ordination bottlenecks in construction arises in project organization, requests for information, or changes are often processed slower than expected leading to delay.

Miscommunication of drawings, information or delays in the delivery of drawings due to lack of coordination between the design and the construction team can also cause project delays.

Antagonism between participants, particularly between the owners and the contractors can lead to problems such as untimely release of funds. This would again hamper the progress of the project.

3. Other Risks In Construction 

Poor quality on construction workmanship often leads to the need for re-work, leading to delays and extra costs.

Poor safety practices could lead to accidents that once again cause work stoppage and result in additional costs from the treatment of the injured parties in the accident.

Infrastructural Projects often involves contractors and personnel from other countries each of whom are trained in different systems of construction. Cultural misunderstandings often arise that leads to conflicts and construction delays.

This is a question for Graduates from Online construction management courses but you're reading it freely because you're lucky to stumble upon this blog of mine. Please share with others as it'll help them reach their goals in their online construction management degrees.

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