A Few Reasons Why You Should Never Rely On Family Source Of Labour If You’re A Contractor

Today I decided to create this post in order to share with you a few things I’ve been going through or went through back in the days when I relied in family members for most of the tasks on my site. Its just a few instances or reasons why you should never rely on family source of labour if you’re a contractor.

As a contractor, you’ll keep losing if the key players in your team are family members. This is because when you give them money to tidy some job, they’ll squander it first and use the worst materials to complete your job.
In this case, he was paid over N600,000 for electrical fittings. He Specified 4.5mm Wires but I went to site only to discover he used 1.5mm for all the job. 
Now if I didn’t discover this on time and ask him to change it all, the owner would bring his appliances, Only to discover they’re either spoiling anyhow or not functioning properly especially water Pumping Machine and other similar Equipments.
The other one was paid for Roofing, he brought his co smokers and scattered all the roofing sheets. Now he’s thinking of how to buy gum in order to stop the leaking roof.
Another was paid for burglary, he used the 150k to solve his personal problem and now he’s telling me he’ll pay small small. Well, what can I do to him? He’s a family person right?
That’s it. Not that there are no honest and diligent family persons though, but a large portion of them will rip you off and make you regret ever having them work for you and the worst is that you can’t do anything to them. So the best thing, get someone from outside and have him/her do your job. If he fucks up, you can arrests him and have him refund everything.
Using family people for construction work is not advisable. It may leave you with a bad name after all.
As for me, when I take up a job, I love doing even above standard. For someone to come and spoil work for me? Nooo! I could go extra miles just to make sure the right standard is reached in all my work
This should serve as a lesson for all of you out there! 
Over familiarity is really a problem in business. Little wonder that IBO man in Ochanja Market told me “Nwanne There is no brother in buziness”.
There is no brother in Construction too. So when I say “NO”, don’t panic, don’t call me “Wicked”, just see me as a person who still loves our union and loves you so much cos if you play with my work, I fit Kill you self.
On this post, I’ve mentioned a few thing family people have done to me when I assigned tasks and paid then for it. So if you must give them work, be sure they’re going to do as you’ve specified by properly inspecting them as they work. Inspect whatever they buy as fittings and if possible, do the shopping yourself in order to prevent your name from being ruined.

Written by Nwachukwu Richard

Found this awesome? Well, i love to share and talk about my site experiences with you as i know they're topnotch, will help you achieve your dreams as a student, estimator, Landlord, etc!

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