Advantages and Disadvantages Of Welded Connections

Today on building contractor secrets, I’ll be discussing on the advantages as well as the disadvantages of choosing a welded joint for your metal works.

This is very important for Clients whose aim is to build structures where steel is the primary material like petrol stations (Filling Station)…

I’m going to list these as against the other methods of joining 2 metals together to form a member. Other methods like riveting.

Here are The Advantages of Welding Joints.

1. Using a welded connection, you’re guaranteed of a 100% efficiency which is quite high compared to the 75 – 90% common with riveted joints

2. For your complicated structures, you’ll find it easier to adopt welded connection especially in cases of steel pipes.

3. Welding as a method of connection provides a joint which is more rigid. This is a major requirement in frames.

4. With riveting, there is worry for the safety of occupants especially when this is done in populated areas. There is need for precautionary steps aimed at protecting the public from flying rivets.
5. A welded structure is often more pleasing to the eyes. This means welding leaves a structure that is more aesthetically pleasing compared to that made by riveting.

6. Welding work is usually quicker than riveting.

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Having seen the above advantages of welded connections, let’s now see the disadvantages of welded connections…

1. Welding does not allow for expansion and contraction. This makes the entire thing prone to cracks.

2. There is a possibility of an internal or external distortion as a result of uneven heating and cooling of the member during welding.

3. Fatigue may take place when there is an extreme heating

4. There is usually more work in the inspection of a welding work.

Now you have known the advantages as well as disadvantages of welded connections. I hope you’ll find these useful enough yo share with your colleagues.

Thank you

Written by Nwachukwu Richard

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