3 Effective Ways to Make or Buy A Solid Block For Your Building Projects

If you’re a Nigerian living in Nigeria or outside the boundaries of Nigeria but would love to have a building project done for you, then I’m certainly going to put it to you that one of the most important questions you’ll want to ask is

How Do I Get Solid Blocks For My Building?

This is one of the many questions that often brings about some argument between a client and a consultant or an engineer but on this page, I’m going to do well to teach us how to make solid bricks or blocks for your building.

1. Buy Solid Blocks

This is one of the most subscribed option for most clients, but the thing is that buying blocks is actually good as it makes the work fast but you’ll only discover you’re spending more than you would if you mold these blocks right there in your site.

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As I write this post, depending in your location, I can say that a solid 5″ solid block would cost nothing less than N120 (One Hundred And Twenty Naira) but if you had a molder employed, you’ll be saving over N50 ( on every block molded)

2. Mold Your Own Blocks

Yes, this is the most effective way to get solid blocks for your building construction but there is one thing you must ensure. You must ensure your molder is a trusted person or have a supervisor placed on site to watch them as they mold these blocks.

I said this because if you happen to encounter a bad molder, he’ll tell you he’s molded 10 bags of cement when he’d actually molded 8 or 9.

All he needs to do is weaken the blocks by adding more sand during the mix period and sell the other 2 bags to who ever he likes. This is bad right? Yes! It affects the strength of the blocks too.

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3. Buy From The Commercial Molders

Commercial molders are another good source of solid blocks for your building, but there is one thing you must know about them. Some of them actually make up to 45 blocks per bag of cement. This is not good enough because such blocks would only be able to withstand a little load unless they’re well vibrated while being placed into the mold.

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In Conclusion I think its best you contact a good molder, have a supervisor placed on site so as to ensure the specified number of blocks is made for every bag.

This reduces the cost and risk involved in buying blocks and ensures your blocks are of the required strength.

That’s how to buy solid blocks for your building in Nigeria.

Written by Nwachukwu Richard

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