Tutorial: How To Calculate the Number Of Tiles Required to Tile Your Apartment

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Tutorial: How To Calculate the Number Of Tiles Required to Tile Your Apartment

With much love in my heart for all my readers, i would like to talk about one important element of the home which is tile and today, i will be taking us through the process of calculating how many Cartons of Tiles i would need for my room, apartment or home.

How Many Packet Of Tiles Will Be Used For One Room?

Today i will be using a One Room Apartment as a case study and would also like to write this based on my environment, Nigeria.

I am going to write based on Nigeria because some few things i may mention here may not apply to other countries. But i know most times what is applicable here in Nigeria also applies elsewhere.

So you'd like to tile your home, but do not know how many packets of tiles that would complete the project and would also not want some tiler to come and over estimate the whole thing right?

Ok, Here on BuilderContractorSecrets, we will try to make this simple for you...

The first thing you must understand or know when calculating the number of packets of tiles to purchase for your home is the dimension of the room or apartment you'd like to tile.

Let me Use a single room now...

A room measuring 

L = 2.5m
W = 2.4m

Now having measure the length and width and obtained the figures above, lets now get the area of the entire room to be tiled

How To Calculate The Area Of A Room

Now Area = L x B
Area = 2.5 X 2.4
Total Area = 6m2

What this means is that the area of the room is 6 square meters and so, how many packet of tiles do i buy for this project?

In order to be able to calculate the number of packets of tiles to buy, you must first know the dimension of the particular tile you're buying

I love using the 400mm x 400mm tile because its easy to calculate, this does not however mean i cannot handle any type of tile out there.

Floor Tiles And Dimension
Here in Nigeria, Floor Tiles has the following dimensions (all in mm)

400 x 400
400 x 250
250 x 250
300 x 300

For the sake of this tutorial, i am going to use a 400mm x 400mm tile.


Now, For every Packet, There are 12 Pieces

Now you need to know how many square meters there are in one packet of tile.

How to Calculate the area of a Floor tile

You can also go further to know the area of one tile by simply multiplying 400 x 400 = 0.16m2

The Area Of One Packet Of Tiles

Now since the area of one tile is 0.16m2, there are 12 tiles in one packet

Therefore the total area in one packet of tile would be 12 x 0.16 = 1.92m2

Now in one Packet of tile, we have 1.92m2

How many packet Of Tiles will be just enough for my room measuring 6m2?

In Order to know this, quickly divide 6 by 1.92 (6/1.92 = 3.125)

The number of Packets would be 3.125 

But we also know that there is no way you'd wanna approximate a packet of tile ans so you'll need to buy 4 packets of tiles for your Room.

Things You Must Have In Mind When Tiling Your Room

Please Note: You're also going to need some extra piece of tile for the skirting since you need skirting to make the work a perfect one.

You are also going to Buy 2 Bags of Cement (Depending on the thickness of the mortar)...

You are also required to hire the services of an experienced Tiler...

Please If You'd like to have a complete estimate for your building, Quickly use the Details on the Contact Page to reach me and i will do this for you without wasting so much time


  1. Thanks for d enlightenment, pls my tiler is using 60x60, 25x40, 30x30, 40x40 and 30x60for d size of d tiles. Pls how do I calculate that

    1. I will work it out and post it here later on sir...

      I would have shared same on Nairaland but I think I was banned or something without reason

    2. Those tiles are quite small for this time.

      Couldn't you get something bigger?

      There are 300 x 300

      Which I think is quite new

  2. Please much do the tilers charge

  3. This is good lecture. And I will to know wish of the size of tiles are best used for sitting rooms and wish ofthe sizes for kitchen walls

  4. What about the wall tiling? Any gist about that?

    1. Yes of course! But since you understand the floor tile, just apply the same principle

  5. Tk u for the enlightenment.Pls how.many bags of cement will I need to tile 87m2 area?. thank you.

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