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Rope Method In Setting Out A Building

A line has to be set out perpendicular to the base line from peg (A). Peg (A) is not on the base line.
A long rope with a loop at both ends and a measuring tape are used. The rope should be a few metres longer than the distance from peg (A) to the base line.
Step 1
One loop of the rope is placed around peg (A). Put a peg through the other loop of the rope and make a circle on the ground while keeping the rope straight. This circle crosses the base line twice (see Fig. 22a). Pegs (B) and (C) are placed where the circle crosses the base line.
Step 2

Peg (D) is placed exactly half way in between pegs (B) and (C). Use a measuring tape to determine the position of peg (D). Pegs (D) and (A) form the line perpendicular to the base line and the angle between the line CD and the base line is a right angle (see Fig. 22b).
Fig. 22a Setting out a perpendicular line, Step 1
Fig 22b Setting out a perpendicular line, Step 2
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