Building Contractor Secrets: November 2014

Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Complete Meaning Of Cement Concrete

What Is Cement Concrete?

Cement concrete is a mixture of cement coarse aggregate, fine aggregate (non coherent materials) and water to form a hard coherent mass as a result of the chemical reaction which takes place between the water and the cement (hydration). It is a man made composite: the major constituent of which natural aggregate such as gravel is and sand or crushed rock. Alternatively, artificial aggregate for example: blast-furnace slag, expanded clay, broken brick and steel shot may be used where appropriate.

The fine aggregate (sand) forms the filling agent in the concrete mix called the filler while the cement reacting with water (hydration) binds the aggregates together. The cement is therefore called the binding agent or binder.

There are principally three types of cement concrete namely: lean concrete, mass concrete and reinforced concrete.

Lean concrete is the weakest in strength of all concrete mix, it is used as a binding material to prepare formation level for major concrete works in weak soil or water logged trenches. It is regarded as a grade strength 10N/mm2 concrete with a mix ratio of 1:4:8.

Mass concrete is the most widely used cement concrete mix: used for floors and walls without any reinforcement. It has a grade strength of 15 to 20N/mm2 and the mix ratio normally adopted for its mix is 1:3:6.

Reinforced concrete is a cement concrete in which reinforcement bars are inserted. It has the highest strength and it is used for suspended floors, beams, pillars and retaining walls. It has a grade strength of 25N/mm2 and above: depending on the nature of work being done. Its mix ratio is in the order of 1:2:4.


The basic ingredients used for making cement concrete are aggregates, cement and water. The choice and quality of these materials greatly affects the finished concrete strength. Their qualities are described below:

Cement- this is the binding agent in a cement concrete mix. There are various types of cements and the ones used for a mix depends on the nature of work, and the environment. The most commonly used for most engineering work is the ordinary Portland cement. Where a high early strength is required, so that a road can be opened to traffic earlier than usual (>7 days), a rapid hardening cement may be used. In cold weather or when very rapid cement is required, a high alumina cement may be used. Similarly, when working in harsh dry weather, a slow setting maybe used.

Aggregates- this is divided into 2 groups namely; fine aggregates and coarse aggregates. As a rough rule, the largest size of aggregate used in a mix should not exceed one quarter of the thickness of the slab if the combination of strength and work ability is to be obtained.

This is the actual meaning of cement concrete you can see more interesting topics below!

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

30 Steps To Making Your Home Cooler

For a tropical region, a cool interior with continuous flow of air is desirable because of high humidity and intense sun rays that emits a lot of head to the environment
Generating cooler air through mechanical /electrical means can be expensive as well, but you can do a lot to reduce the heat in your home. The general concept is to keep the air moving.
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Steps In Buying A Plot Of Land In Nigeria

There are basic steps you ought to take when you've finally decided to buy a plot of land in Nigeria whether as a Nigerian or a foreigner. This post is created and directed to those willing to buy a plot of land in Lagos, but the steps below are also applicable in other parts of the country like portharcourt, warri, Abuja, Benin, Sapele, Aba, Asaba, all the major cities in Nigeria
 To reduce stress you must ask basic questions and take these steps
Consult your agent and tell him exactly what you want and how you’ll like to have it, if you have a good agent he will most likely get a property close to what you want faster than you might think is possible, this will save you stress, but give him the instruction that you won’t want a land under government acquisition, this will make him to work harder and search for the right one.
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Cities In Nigeria Where Real Estate Will Boom

This post is created for the viewing pleasure of you, yes you! a constant reader of my blog and today we will be discussing on a list of cities in Nigeria that will generate a lot of income from Real estate development, i will also tell us why these states are the best to invest in 

There are different factors that will determine the profitability of your investment in Real estate. 

Number one is demand- The rate of demand will have to come first before any other considerations since the law of demand states that " an increase in demand leads to an increase in price" this is the reason why it may cost a young man almost N450,000 to be able to settle down in a nice apartment in Lagos (even if that amount may only afford a self con or bed sitter)
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Updated: How To Calculate For The Number Of Blocks For Your Building

As a builder, it i have come to understand that one of the most commonly asked questions from a would-be house owner is no other than "How many blocks do you think would be just complete the building"?

It is because of the regularity of this question that i have decided to write this post on how to calculate the number of blocks required to complete your buidling project. The calculation of course would be done based on the Architectural plan issued to you by your Architect.
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