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Friday, 12 February 2021

Cost of Fencing a Plot of Land (100 by 100) with Pillars

Because you've spent several hours looking on the internet for how to estimate a fence project, almighty Google or whatever search engine you used had finally brought you to this platform and today, you're going to learn how to calculate how many blocks to fence a plot of land and this time we're examining a plot of land measuring 100 ft by 100 ft.

cost of fencing a plot of land (100 by 100)

It is important to know the number of blocks required to fence a plot of land as this would help you know the amount of money to spend in the project and also help you avoid wasteful contractors.

Here at guardian constructors, Richard Nwachukwu Ensures his audience gets the right estimates and that's why he keeps dishing out useful tutorials such as this.

How many blocks does it take to fence a plot of land?

In order to successfully estimate the number of blocks required to fence a plot of land measuring 100ft by 100 feet, i may have to refer you to a previous post made over 4 years ago where we estimated the number of blocks to fence a plot measuring 100 ft by 60 ft.

From the post, we highlighted the steps necessary in order to be able to estimate the number of blocks for a fence project and even though we decided not to add blocks for pillars, we were able to achieve our goals.

Applying the same methods, we shall be estimating the number of blocks required to fence this new plot today!

First of all, lets ascertain total perimeter of the plot

How to Calculate the Perimeter of a Plot of land

In order to determine the perimeter of a plot of land, it is necessary to know the dimensions of all 4 sides of the plot of land under review.

Well, from the survey plan submitted, we could understood the plot of land measures 100ft by 100ft.

To ascertain the total perimeter of the plot, we would have to add these all up!

Perimeter of a Plot of land

The plot of land measures 100ft by 100ft. This means the total perimeter would be obtained by multiplying each side by 2 and then summing it all together to get a figure.

Length of Plot = 100ft
breadth of plot = 100ft

Perimeter = 2(Length of plot + Breadth of Plot)
This gives us 2(100 + 100)
=> 2 x 200 = 400ft

Thus, the total perimeter is 400ft

For easy calculation, we may have to convert this 400 feet to inches.

How to Convert from feet to Inches

In order to convert feet to inches, i suggest we Remember there are 12 inches required to meet a feet.

Meaning we shall multiply 400ft by 12 to convert it to inches

400ft x 12 = 4800 inches

Also remember that a full block measures approximately 18 inches

Now, in order to ascertain the number of blocks on each coach, we are required to divide 4800 (total perimeter to be fenced) by 18 (length of 1 block)

4800/18 = 266.6 blocks

Because we cannot buy half a block, we quickly assume a total of 267 blocks

The 267 blocks so obtained is the number of blocks that is required to cover round the fence.

This equally means you could multiply 267 blocks by the height of the fence which is easily measured by the number of blocks

So Assuming a client says:

I want the fence to be 10 Blocks high...

All you have to do is, multiply 267 by 10 to get a total of 2670 blocks

What about Pillars

Reading from what is the cost of fencing a plot of land measuring 100ft by 50ft with pillars, we realized there are 11.28 pillars for every 100ft provided the plot of land is located near a busy road and the client is accepting pillars at every 6th block along the walls

Based on this, we already know there are 4 sides here with the same dimension;

Sides A-B = 100Ft (11.28 pillars)
Sides B-C = 100Ft (11.28 pillars)
Sides C-D = 100Ft (11.28 pillars)
Sides D-A = 100Ft (11.28 pillars)

So in total, we have 11.28 x 4 = 45.12 pillars

Now since we are using Sandcrete pillars, we shall be providing 2 blocks for each pillars.

This means there would be need for an additional (2Blocks x 45.12 Pillars)

2 x 45.12 gives us 90.24 or 91 blocks

Therefore, there is need for 267 + 91 blocks for each course

This equally means for a fence that would be 10 blocks high, the client is to provide 

267 + 91 x 10 (3580 Blocks)

267 = blocks on each course
91 = blocks for pillars
10 = fence is 10 blocks high

Thus, the number of blocks required to fence a plot of land measuring 100ft by 100ft is 3580 blocks and this is the case where the fence it required to be 10 blocks high.

Cement Required to Fence a Plot of land

As we may have read on previous posts, it takes a bag of cement to completely bond 70 blocks (5 inches only)

Based on this, if we are to estimate the number of bags of cement to be purchased for the project, we would have to divide the total number of blocks (3580 blocks) by the number of blocks set by each bag of cement (70)

Thus, 3580/70 gives us 51 Bags of 50kg bags cement

Other Materials required to fence a plot of land

Headpan - The number of headpans would depend on the number of workmen and porters on site

Shovel - 4 Shovel is enough for the job. Even 3 shovels would do the job

Water - Have a water pump on site and ensure there is enough petrol or have a porter to fetch water for the workers

Wood - A few lengths of 2 by 3 plank for scaffolding

Boards - Have about 8 boards on site to enable workmen build their scaffolds should should be 1 by 12 boards (Hard wood)

Mixer - To enable workmen mix concrete for foundation (Manual labor could be used as well)

Budget for Other Materials - Strictly as agreed by the contractor and his or her client.

After ascertaining the various costs above, you can then be rest assured that your fence project can be well executed without wasting money buying excess block that will not be needed at all!


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Monday, 25 January 2021

How to Get Rid of Septic Tank Smell In House

Here at Guardian Constructors, we understand there are times when you begin to notice some smell, usually in the bathroom, even while sitting at the dinning sometime, septic smell could ruin that beautiful moment. Sometimes, the most accurate solution comes when you ask the question "How can i get rid of septic tank Smell In House?"

septic tank smell in house

Ensure sinks and water closets are flushed properly. 

The first step towards putting a stop to septic tank smell in house is to check if the flushing systems, sinks are working fine.

This means you may have to flush, wash the sink and Empty any content on the trap (Usually under the sink) How To Clean septic tanks Naturally

After this, observe for a few days, if the smell continues to disturb, then it's time to consult a septic inspection company.

Do you know that sometimes, using these septic treatment products could solve that problem?

This is once again the very first step, not like it will stop septic tank smell from coming but just to be sure the smell is not as a result of blockage within the water closet or kitchen sink.

Consult a septic Inspection company 

Consulting a septic inspection company should be your next option if a septic tank smell in house continues to disturb your home or surrounding despite flushing the sink and emptying the content found in the sink as mentioned above.

Septic inspection company would send an agent to your home. He or she would check the pipework, view the level of content in the septic tank by opening the sealer or lid as well as check what goes on within the leach field.

Should he see anything unusual or discover the septic tank is filled (which in most cases is the reason for the bad smell you have in the house), an arrangement would be made for septic tank cleaning and the cost of septic tank cleaning is it's as mentioned here. They may also recommend a total replacement or repair of septic tank if the fault is terminal

Check around the septic tank for any overflowing fluids

I know it might cost a lot of money consulting a septic inspection company, so if you're on a budget, you should check around the septic tank or open the lid to see things for yourself.

a. If you find water overflowing the Tank, it, therefore, means the pit is filled. It is recommended that septic tanks are Pumped as soon as they are filled up to avoid creating some environmental issues for everyone around. See the cost of pumping septic tank

How you know the pit is filled.

You'll know this if the level of scum is just the same as the level of the outlet pipe.

b. To be sure if the pit is filled, open the lid or access covers.

Check for leakages around the drain field

Checking the leach field for possible leaks is another way to know the source of septic tank smell in the house.

Leach field is designed to dispose treated wastewater in the soil just outside the home.


In a normal septic system, the treated wastewater ought to be discharged some inches below the surface of the surrounding soil.

Therefore, should you check around the leach field and discover the wastewater flows just at the top or surface soil, then it's obvious your septic system is faulty and needs a professional touch.

We, therefore, recommend that whenever you discover unwanted or septic tank smell dominating your home, check the septic system, in situations where you're not chanced or can't stand the sight of what's inside a septic tank, quickly call the services of septic inspection companies as they'll detect the source of bad smell and treat as quickly as possible to reinstate normalcy in the home.

Happy New Year!

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Saturday, 21 November 2020

How To Register Your Business With CAC Today!

how to register a business in Nigeria

So Today we are going to be looking at how to register a business in Nigeria without breaking the bank. I feel this is very necessary because Nigeria as our country is a place where over 40% of the citizens survive by hustling. This simply means Nigeria is a home of Entrepreneurs. 
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How to Start House Flipping Successfully Today

How to start house Flipping

With more people opting to invest their monies in flipping homes, it is gradually becoming a non-fearful venture, and the world will see more homes flipped over the next few years. 

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Saturday, 24 October 2020

How to Start House Flipping Business In Lekki

how to start house flipping business in Lekki

Have you heard about house flipping business in Nigeria? Do you know you can make money by starting a house flipping business in Lekki, Nigeria?

This article is crafted to help you learn the ropes about house flipping in Nigeria and help you master the art of house flipping.

House flipping is one of the numerous ways you can invest in real estate in Nigeria. Real estate has grown to become one of the biggest movers of the Nigerian economy.
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Thursday, 15 October 2020

How to Build a Cyber Security Career Today!

cyber security career

Are you one of those internet freaks who want to learn Cyber Security? if yes then this article is going to show you the steps to build a Cyber Security career. However, make sure you read carefully and also adhere to all the instructions.

Cyber Security is a very wonderful profession that can earn you a lot of money. If you are good enough, a good company can also hire or employ you to protect data breaches and attacks. And guess what? due to the current malicious attack that is going on in cyberspace, the demand for Cyber Security workers has increased and this could be your opportunity of getting employed. It doesn't require age, gender, certificate, or certain approval before you can start your Cyber Security career. However, what you need is just to be perfect in the area you want to build.

They are many ways of learning Cyber Security or enhancing your Cyber Security skill, many cybersecurity experts today learned it through college, IT training, online webinar, or through the paid or free course. However, this article is going to show the right steps to follow and build your Cyber Security career

Cyber Security, also know as information security is an advanced discipline and it is advisable for you to choose the are you like or good at, for example, ethical hacking, and master it. Daniel Miessler recommended that anyone who wants to learn Cyber Security should do a four-year program in Computer Science or information technology in a very decent university to enhance HIS/HER career.


However, if you don't have money or don't want to learn the Cyber Security in the high institution, they are some of the cool ways of learning Cyber Security online even without paying a dime. I'll explain further.

Steps To Build A Cyber Security career

Like I said earlier, the are several ways of building a Cyber Security career which I'm about to list and explain below.

University Training

One of the best and recommended way of building and enhancing your Cyber Security career fast is through university training. All you have to do is to look for a good technology college in your country and apply for a Computer Science or information technology. The majority of the Cyber Security experts and well respect computer wizards earned their BS in 1 of these 2 fields. Guess what? a college degree or certificate is highly required before you can get employment in some big companies.

Although in some cases the certificate is not needed, that is if they see the talent in you.

One On One Training From Expert

Apart from college training, another best way of building your Cyber Security career is to look for expect and pay HIM/HER for a one on one training. Is going to be as of that college training or even more than but the only thing is that you are not coming out with a certificate unless it is a program.

This is more preferable and recommended than a webinar or a normal course. However, all of them are good.


Are you one of those video freaks? if yes then a webinar is going to be a great strategy of building your Cyber Security career. They are a lot of free and paid video tutorial to learn and enhance your Cyber Security career. However, it is recommended for you to start with the free ones and learn the basics of Cyber Security and then use the premium webinars to enhance your skills.

Courses (Online or Face to Face)

The truth is that course is the popular and easiest way of learning Cyber Security with your mobile phone or computer. A lot of Cyber Security experts today all started with free and paid courses. The Cyber Security course can make you a genius in Cyber Security, however, it can only be possible if you are reading the right course.

Now you've seen the steps to build a Cyber Security career, let me continue and show you how you can get free Cyber Security training.

Easy Ways To Get Free Cyber Security Training

Having some basic knowledge of cybersecurity is a very nice thing and also a means of equipping yourself in the world of technology. Technology is fast-growing and Cybersecurity cybersecurity is a very nice career that pays very well. However, below are some of the platforms that you can get quality Cyber Security training to enhance your skills. Guess what? some will give you a certificate after the training which will prove that you've completed the training.

Heimdal Security

Open Security Training

Sans Cyber Aces Online

US Department of Homeland Security


The five platforms listed above has over 100 free and paid courses and webinars that can teach you the basics of Cyber Security and also improve your Cyber Security knowledge. However, if you are just new to Cyber Security then you can start with the free courses and learn the fundamentals, then as time goes on you can upgrade to their premium plan.

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Some of these Cyber Security courses and webinars have a lot of secret and essential knowledge that you might not even obtain in the university. So instead of playing games with your spare time, reading news that adds no value to your life, or spending time on social media watching videos. Is better you use the time to learn Cyber Security and also get a Certificate that would add value in your life.


Now you've seen the steps to build a Cyber Security career, however, put procrastination aside and take action immediately.

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Do You Know About House Flipping?

House Flipping

There are tons of business ideas available for anyone willing to start a business, but it can be painfully hard to find a lucrative business that requires little capital.
When talking about business, how does house flipping stack up?
What is it, and how does it work? Can you make a significant amount of money flipping a house, with little capital?

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Monday, 7 September 2020

What are The Major Parts Of a Septic System

parts of a septic system

Over the past few weeks, I realized a lot of people really would love to know what the parts of a septic system are! Because of this, i have decided to create one of the most comprehensible contents on the subject matter. Perhaps, knowing this would help you understand why it is very important to always ensure the services of a professional is highly required whenever septic systems are designed!

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Saturday, 22 August 2020

Remote Customer Service Jobs In The US

Remote Customer Service Jobs In The US

You will learn many things about the remote customer service jobs in The US on this page today. You will also learn the benefits of getting this job and other important information regarding remote customer service jobs in The US.
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Monday, 17 August 2020

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Or Replace Your Septic Tank and Drain field?

septic tank repair

We have finally decided to bring the average cost of repairing or replacing your septic tank and drain field to this platform today. 

This was as a result of series of research recently carried out by our team. We also saw the need to do this after we got several emails from some of our readers to get the cost of replacing or repairing their septic tank and drain field. 

Therefore, the outcome of the research revealed that the average cost to repair or replace your septic tank and drain field is $1,547.
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Cost Of Teeth Braces In Thailand

cost of teeth braces in Thailand

It is really obvious that you are interested in knowing the cost of teeth braces in Thailand. But before moving on to that, let's talk about some major things you need to know about teeth braces.

What Are Teeth Braces?

Braces are devices usually made of metals, ceramics and sometimes plastic meant for the purpose straightening your teeth, closing your teeth gaps, giving them nice shape and making them align.

Teeth braces can add to your facial beauty by making you have an appealing smile. Meanwhile, it is good for reducing teeth glitches like over bite, under bite, deep bite and others.

It also helps in closing your teeth gaps. By the way, let's see some types of teeth braces before moving forward to the cost of teeth braces in Thailand.

Types of Teeth Braces

For you that are interested in the cost of teeth braces in Thailand, it is important you know the types so that you can always know the teeth braces that suit you.
Well, there are different types of braces that you should know where some of these braces  are recommended by orthodontists due to their effectiveness and specific functions. Check them out below;

1. Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are made of gray metallic brackets that are connected with an adhesive wire which is placed in the front row of the teeth.
This dental device is used by your orthodontist which makes the tooth fix to the actual point on the gum due to the strain in the wires between the brackets. Traditional braces don't have age requirements; it can be used by anyone who has grown teeth. This treatment is much quicker; it takes about 18-24 month to give the best results. It gives your teeth the best alignment you can ever think of.

2. Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are tooth colored braces which makes it unnoticeable in the teeth. This type of braces is similar to the traditional braces and also performs the same function as the traditional braces.
In this type of braces the ceramic bracket is connected with rubber bands which hold the adhesive wires, these devices are fixed to the front row of the teeth which help fix the teeth to its actual point on the gum for a perfect teeth arrangement.
Orthodontists recommend ceramic braces for adults or teenagers who have stopped growing teeth. For you to get the best results from ceramic braces you need to wait for about 18 - 36 months. Ceramic braces make braces unnoticeable!

3. Lingual Braces

Lingual braces is one of the most preferred braces used in orthodontics treatment because it can't be seen, it is often placed at the back of the teeth.
Lingual braces are metallic brackets connected with adhesive wires placed at the lingual (back of the teeth facing the tongue). It helps in giving the teeth a proper alignment .This dental device also performs the same function just as the other types of braces. Lingual braces don't have age restrictions. Anyone who has grown teeth can get it . Lingual braces work for about 2-3 years depending on the patient's case.

4. Invisalign

Invisalign is a dental device which has transparent customized braces. Invisalign helps in giving the teeth a proper alignment. Invisalign is different from other metallic braces because it's barely seen when it's on the teeth. It can be worn and pulled out at your convenience. Invisalign can be used by teenagers and adults. This dental treatment is so fast, it takes about six months for an effective result.

Cost of Teeth Braces In Thailand

Now, let's make the cost of teeth braces in Thailand known to you. Thailand is one of the best places around the world where you can get the best dental care. Thailand has so many professionals, dentists and orthodontists who can handle a wide range of dental cases.

Dental braces for orthodontic treatment in Thailand cost about 60,000+ baht for fixing a specific type of brace generally. Meanwhile, below is a breakdown of their prices based on quality.
  • Cost of Tooth Braces In Thailand (High Quality) is 60,000 + baht
  • Cost of Tooth Braces In Thailand ( Low Quality) is below 1,400 baht

Best Places To Fix Teeth Braces In Thailand

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC)

BIDC is one of the best dental centers in Thailand. This dental center has well trained and qualified specialists. They specialize in orthodontics, a part of dentistry. BIDC is highly recommended for you to get your dental braces.
BIDC renders so many services in the field of dentistry. Some of the services which they render include orthodontics, braces, clarity braces, clear braces, Damon braces, lingual braces, self ligating braces, traditional braces, ceramic braces, invisalign and dental care.
Check out the price of fixing different types of braces in BIDC Thailand.
  • Treatment type: Fix traditional braces
Unit: case
Price: 60,000-70,000 Baht
  • .  Treatment type: Ceramic Brace
Unit: case
Price: 70,000-90,000 Baht
  • Treatment type: Lingual Braces
Unit : case
Price: 195,000 Baht
  •  Treatment type : Invisalign
Unit: case
Price: 150,000-200,000 Baht.

Bangkok Hospital

Bangkok hospital is one of the best and biggest private hospitals rarely found around the world. This hospital has a special dental care centre which has professional dentists and orthodontists.
Bangkok hospital render services on general dentistry, operative dentistry, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, periodontic, endodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics, dental implant, and dental whitening.
Check out the prices of different dental braces you can get from Bangkok hospital below:
  • Treatment type: Traditional Braces
Cost: 60,000 - 70,000 Baht
  • Treatment type: Ceramic Braces
Cost: 80,000 - 90,000 Baht
  • Treatment type : Lingual Braces
Cost :80,000 - 90,000 Baht
  • Treatment type:  Invisalign
Cost: 200,000 Baht

Conclusion - Cost of Teeth Braces In Thailand

Well the cost of teeth braces in Thailand range from 100 bahts to 200,000 bahts depending on the quality of teeth braces you want and places you want to get them fixed.

Meanwhile, there are other people out there who are interested in knowing the cost of teeth braces in Thailand.

Ensure you use the social share button so that this information can get to them. Don't forget to let us know what you think about the cost of teeth braces in Thailand. Thanks

References: Kostville
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Friday, 19 June 2020

How Much Does It Cost To Pump a Septic Tank?

how much does it cost to pump a septic tank?

Septic tank Pumping is a very important cleaning operation exercise that should be done at least once every 3 to 5 years even when it seems all is well and nice. Doing this helps avoid unnecessary damages! This article is focused on answering the question "How much does it cost to pump a septic tank?"

However, it wouldn’t be nice waiting for the actual date to pump a septic tank before knowing the actual cost of doing it, thus the reason why you’re reading this content today!

Just in case you are one of those looking for septic tank pumping services out there, then this post is a must for you as it not only helps you stay informed as far as septic pumping cost is concerned but also helps you know what to pay depending on the size of your septic tank.

How Much Does It Cost To Pump A Septic Tank?

The cost of pumping a septic tank generally depends on the size of the septic tank and the location of the septic service company.

The average cost of pumping a septic tank in the United States is $395. This is based on a recent report from, Guardian Constructors team also put a number of calls through friends and relatives in different American Cities just to ensure the information from Homeadvisors is genuine and authentic. 

From our study, we discovered it actually costs around $285 to $517 to pump a septic tank in the states.

However, we mentioned earlier that one of the factors that determine the cost of pumping a septic tank is its size. In that case, the cost of pumping a larger septic tank should be about $1,000 or more.

Septic Tank Pumping

Having known the average cost of pumping a septic tank, lets help you understand what a septic tank Pumping really is and how septic tanks really works

Septic Tank Pumping is a process that involves emptying the septic tank for cleaning. This involves taking out all the decomposed organic matter popularly described as sludge and liquid wastes after which the septic tank becomes empty, available for maintenance if any.


Once the septic tank is pumped, the sludge that is taking up space at the bottom of the septic tank would be discarded. This means whatever environmental pollution you had as a result of an over flowing septic tank won’t be there anymore.

An Environmental mess is made when sludge in the septic tank is allowed to fill up the pipes which leads to its breakage.

Therefore, you would need the service of a professional septic tank cleaning company or professionals to calm the messy situation.

How Often Do You Need To Pump Your Septic?

Typically, your septic tank should be pumped every 3 to 5 years. However, you might decide to pump it every year or every 15 years. 

All these boil down to two main factors which include; the tanks size and the number of users.

What are the signs that your septic tank is full?

Perhaps your question is "what are the signs that your septic tank is full"
Below are signs that indicates that your septic tank is full

Toilet and drains would begin to run slower than usual.

Sewer Backup

Flooded Drain field - This means you begin to notice a lot of water starts to gather around the drainfield area.

You will notice that the lawn above your drain field becomes over healthy

Offensive odor, especially within the toilet and bathroom area!

Average Cost of Pumping a Septic Tank in Various Locations in the U.S

Average cost Cost of pumping a septic tank in Boise ID is in between $250 to $440. 

Average cost of pumping a septic tank in Concord NH is in between $255 to $330. 

Average cost of pumping a septic tank in Phoenix OZ is in between $300 to $600. 

Average cost of pumping a septic tank in Denver CO is in between $260 to $350 

Average cost of pumping a septic tank in Little Rock AR ranges between $260 to $510

Average cost of pumping a septic tank in Long Island NY ranges between $275 to $515 

Average cost of pumping a septic tank in Minneapolis MN ranges between $175 to $275 

Average cost of pumping a septic tank in Jacksonville FL ranges between $245 to $435 

Average cost of pumping a septic tank in Portland OR ranges between $440 to $750 

Average cost of pumping a septic tank in Milwaukee WI ranges between $245 to $320

Average Cost of Pumping Your Septic Tank Based on Size

The average cost of pumping 600 to 700 gallons ranges between $175 to $300.

The average cost of pumping 800 to 1000 gallons ranges between $225 to $400.

The average cost of pumping 1250 to 1500 gallons ranges between $275 to $500.

The average cost of pumping 1750 to 2000+ gallons ranges between $325 to $600+

Maintaining Your Septic Tank

Even when your septic pumping game is tight, or you do it at least once every 3 or 5 years, it is still important that you take some precautionary steps towards achieving an eco-friendly septic tank

Therefore, the best way to prevent this is by maintaining your septic tank properly. Below are some tips to help you maintain your septic tank.

You should be mindful of what you pour down the drain. Avoid pouring water that contains solid particles or oils/grease except proper separation has taken place.

Do not flush anything materials down the water closest aside tissue papers.

Ensure you use only the recommended septic tank cleaning products.

You should avoid parking cars, trucks, heavy loads at the top of your septic tank to prevent it from collapsing. Too much pressure on the septic tank could lead to rupture.

Nothing should be planted on your drain field to avoid flooding. You should only allow the natural grass to grow. 

Estimated Cost of Septic Tank Maintenance

In case you need a professional to maintain your entire septic system every few years. Below is the breakdown of the estimated cost.

Cost for pumping ranges between $200 to $800

Cost for jetting ranges between $150 to $400

Cost for effluent filter clean ranges between $100 to $150

Cost for sewer line inspection ranges between $250 to $500

Cost for septic tank inspection ranges between $100 to $500

Cost for drain field aeration ranges between $1000 to $2000

Conclusion - How Much Does It Cost To Pump a Septic Tank

There is no particular answer to the question "How much does it cost to pump a septic tank", however, from the responses we got during our short research, we pegged the cost the average cost of pumping a septic tank to be around $395 which is bound to change depending on the size of the septic tank and the location of the septic tank company

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Don't forget, information like this could be saving a family somehow !

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Monday, 15 June 2020

Tutorial: How to Clean Septic Tank Naturally

how to clean a septic tank naturally

Have you ever wondered how to clean septic tank naturally? Well, I have personally asked this on google, and to my greatest surprise, there are many beautiful answers to the question. In this post, I am going to share the most robust solution to the issue above.

I am sharing with you this answer because it not only helped me get rid of my septic tank issues but also helped me save a lot of money I would have spent on septic tank pumping services!

How to clean septic tank naturally?

Aside from tips on how to keep an eco-friendly septic tank, which includes ensuring Micro-flora is not harmed, trenchless style of repairs, proper disposal of solid wastes, etc, there are better ways to clean septic tank naturally and keep it eco-friendly and this you could achieve with products you use in the home daily

1 The Use Baking Soda/Yeast

One way to clean septic tank naturally is through the use of baking soda and other natural items. Baking soda is often found in every home, but we've failed to realize that a mixture of Baking soda, vinegar, and lemon could be all you ever needed to save yourself some $300 yearly. Yes, it costs some $300 for septic tank pumping, and this could be done once or twice a year depending on how well you manage the liquid wastes from the home

Why is Baking Soda Important For septic Tank Cleaning?

Baking soda is essential because it helps keep bacteria active. A Septic system with active bacterial presence would hardly get filled up since bacteria is always happy breaking down solid wastes.

Recommended - Cheapest Septic tank Inspection Companies

How to Prepare Baking Soda 

To clean a septic tank naturally using Baking soda, you have to mix two other natural ingredients. As mentioned above; Vinegar, lemon in the right proportion, will be explained below:


Naturally cleaning a septic tank requires a mixture of 1/4 cup of Baking soda, 1/2 cup of vinegar and two tablespoons lemon

Now mix properly and flush afterward.

2. Throw Rotten Tomatoes into the Septic System every four months

A recent study has shown that throwing some old or rotten tomatoes into a septic system can help in the growth of the bacterial population in the septic system. Remember, the aim is to increase bacterial activity, which helps break down solid wastes and, as a result, reduce the volume of wastes in the septic system.

Throwing of tomatoes should be done three times a year, which means once you count four months, another throw must be made!

Can't throw it yourself?

Quickly crush the tomatoes, put in a paper wrap, and throw it into the system.

Bonus Tips to clean septic tank naturally.

It takes the action of bacterial to clean your septic tank naturally, having said that, it is important to remind you that certain stuff that should never be flushed into a septic system as their presence automatically kills these good guys or reduce their population. These include:
Using Bleach when cleaning your toilet: While Bleach leaves your toilet sparkling clean, it doesn't favor the bacteria whose presence and action does the naturally cleaning of your septic tank

Don't Flush these;
Flushing stuffs like Cooking Oil, fats, grease and cooked piece of beef would make it hard for your septic tank to get cleaned naturally.



On this post, we have been able to discus 2 ways of cleaning septic tank naturally as well as mentioned other items that should never be thrown into a septic tank as the presence of this deplete bacteria and makes it hard for the septic tank to get cleaned naturally
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