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Wednesday, January 26, 2022



Cost of Fencing a Plot of Land (100 by 100) with Pillars

Because you've spent several hours looking on the internet for how to estimate a fence project, almighty Google or whatever search engine you used...

How Many Blocks to Fence One Acre of Land in Nigeria

After successfully buying a plot of land In Nigeria, another action that should follow is often geared towards ensuring the piece of land is...



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Reasons Why Buildings Collapse in Nigeria

It is no longer news that Nigeria has witnessed the collapse of several buildings within the last couple of months. There was a case...

Housing Flips

How to Start House Flipping Successfully Today

With more people opting to invest their monies in flipping homes, it is gradually becoming a non-fearful venture, and the world will see more homes...

How to Start House Flipping Business In Lekki

Have you heard about house flipping business in Nigeria? Do you know you can make money by starting a house flipping business in Lekki,...

Do You Know About House Flipping?

There are tons of business ideas available for anyone willing to start a business, but it can be painfully hard to find a lucrative...


Today on guardianconstructions.com, we are going to display an advert for a newly built 3 bedroom detached bungalow with already laid foundation for two stores...





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